What Game Should I Write On My Website?

Now, you created a subdomain for your games what you create from scratch. And you were about to share games what you going to publish to our virtual world. However; you were just wondering which content is suitable for your players.

Common Questions Asked By Users Who Host Websites Via Any Hosting Company

Can I host a game, and enable users to create an account?

Can I create a game, and place ads inside it?

Can I create a game, and place an offerwall inside it?

Can I create a game, and add memberships to it?

These are the questions above. You can create a game for your website. However; there are some laws that prohibit activities on all websites hosted via any host. In some cases; your game may be reported to a hosting service, and you may end up having your website canceled, and land you in court or prison. Here are the considerations what you should take:

Don’t promote child pornography, exploitation of children, or any acts against minors. Since games that contain this content is illegal. You should avoid this practice at all costs.

Don’t publish games that promotes or encourage self-harm or suicide. Recently; there was a dangerous game, the Momo challenge spreading across our internet-based world. In some countries; they’re illegal! For this instance; a child in Argentina has been end up dead,–after playing this challenge on her phone.

Don’t make a game that promotes or encourages spanking.

If you were writing a game for a general audience

If your game is intended for a general audience; always review your content as you develop your game for anyone to play. For example; your game is about riding a rat, and dodging these pesky traps. Your game must contain content that is free of erotica. Nudity, sex acts, and sexual themes should not be added. It may take some time, but it takes lots of writing, coding, and testing.

Monetizing your game

If you had a text-based game that uses html pages to update content,–just like a gamebook; you can add 1 add unit to your html page. This is useful if you want to monetize your text-adventure game via impressions of an ad. If you have 100 html pages in your text-based game; and your visitors play your game like normally; your impressions may go up. Each 1000 impressions may equal to an amount, set by an ad network. Impression-based monetization takes traffic, and it takes interest of your players. If you rely on ads that open in a new window, or CPA-based ads displayed on your site; it takes a user to complete an offer for you to monetize your website.

If you were making a game that has memberships; you must disclose your pricing plans, and your requirements for paying for features for your players to use.

If you were offering ways to get points by using offerwalls, you must configure it,–so players can complete offers to get points. This is the another method of monetizing your game. Most free games that you play have this feature.

If you were only making text-based games for your players

If you were making this form of a game, it’s like writing a book; you can tell a story like a book, and you can add background music to it. For this instance, I publish my games on arcade.fairiesdreamsfantasy.com/. I usually write text-based games, and slowly develop them with a timely manner. Like writing gamebooks; you only write in text. Old computer games didn’t have graphics; they have text displayed instead. Since text-based games are easy to write, and there’s no graphics necessary… anyone can write one. They can come in multiple flavors. They can have choices, or a typing field to input commands.

There are an array of software to use to develop text-based games. These programs have guides that help you get started.

If your game is being targeted towards blind communities; check if your game is capable of being used by people who accessibility tools.

If your game is online, and users play via a browser; you must test each link to varify if your pages are working correctly. If you have a small game; start off with this game, and grow large. Typically; small games takes little time to develop.

Unlike graphics; text-based games are fast to serve to players, and they don’t need intense graphics to run.

This approach is ideal for budget-prefered hosts who wanted to develop text-based games for communities who prefer to read text over seeing graphics.

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