[Announcement] Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Is Making Changes For This Year

If you were recently reading content on our website, we are currently getting ready to continue our production with a scheduled format as we can. However; our websites what we currently have are going to have new content published on a regular basis.

These changes has been implemented as a way to go forward.

Shifting From Our Personal Format To Business Format As We Evolve

Typically, Fairies Dreams & Fantasy is written by 1 person via a personal hosting account, but these changes are going to be implemented as a way to help resolve the following ti-ups with our equipment, and our revenues. However; here are the issues what we are currently tackling this year:

  • Migrating Our Status Blog On Blogger To Our Dedicated Account For Business Use In The Future

    This is an issue that is already resolved, and this issue has been linked to tie-ups to my personal account. This migration is necessary to help seperate personal and business assets. This transition is key to help declutter our websites what we currently own.

    Our status blog is critical for our users to take a closer look of our current status of our website as a way to let other users know about this issue what we are experiencing, or typical changes what we’ve just made.

  • Moving To A Dedicated Payment Platform

    This is a known tie-up with my personal assets, and I am currently resolving this issue, and this is a plan to help seperate assets and reduce all of the digital clutter. However; our ability to rely on ad networks is a known problem because, we must find a way to keep our websites free of charge by 75%. Typically, we try our best to seperate our assets as a way to keep clutter in check.

Starting with this year; Fairies Dreams & Fantasy will be selling gamebooks on our dedicated store. However; free versions of our gamebooks will be free to download as a way to insure we have our audience to enjoy free games to play. For our best results; our products should be priced with a strategic way.

Also, Fairies Dreams & Fantasy will be relying on self-hosted ads as a way to keep costs down. Self-hosted ads are key for our website to have at least 75% of our revenues. Ad networks like AdSense is known to have byist ads, and even some ads that support the oil industry, automobile dependency, and use of natural gas,–even use of coal as energy.

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy uses green hosting servers to run our websites as a way to keep CO2 in check, and help to lower our planet temperature.

Changes To Our Way How We Product Entertaining Content On Our Website

All content on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy have 75% text-based content, and we write with only text, and we write our website like writing a book, and we rely on time to type up our work, and we publish posts on a schedule when possible. However; our content stays free as beer. We will never sell memberships and hide content from our users who wanted to read our content. We only charge expensive menberships for an ad-free experience for people who use ad-blocking software. However; our website always have content to read, and we will never use efforts to limit free content to read.

To ensure we are supporting our efforts to prevent people from being end up without content to read; we use our sequence to do our works when possible.

Many readers of our website has experienced reading content that is out of date, and we often have barriers that caused us to slow down as we try to get ourselves back to writing. However; these sites what we are currently working with always have 1 author who write content when possible.

Efforts To Write More Premium Content When Possible

Premium content are always written by a timely fashion because, we take our time to write content, and try to publish a long post as we can, and reach at least 11,000 words or more. However; this is a tricky work to do, but its worth having people read it like a book. Typically, writing takes a long time.

Like writing books; writing posts that are long enough to read is key to have people stick to our content what we either update, or publish. Unlike videos on YouTube, we usually write as much post as we can. Typically, writing over 20,000 words is key to have our website team up with more readers. The longer the post; the more readers we can get.

AdRotate Is Going Away

We decided to remove AdRotate because, it doesn’t meet our requirements for our website to run ads with a strategic effort. Our newly functional ad server has given us more freedom as a way to help our ads run smoothly. This is an effort what we are currently doing at this time. However; ad revenue what we are trying to preserve is key for our important project to run for year to come.

By February; our ads will be relying on an ad server as a way to help regain our ability to monetize our website as we implement our membership-based advertising hub that is going to be built on our website.

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