[FAQ] Why Can’t I Own A Website If I Am A Sex Offender?

Wow! This is a question what many website owners who were about to host websites aren’t able to access the internet. A strict registry for sex offenders via a higher level are most likely to be restricted from internet altogether. This is a problem for many people who were about to launch websites. Typically, that applies to sex offenders who were released from prison, and try to change their lives to a different format. Although; sex offender laws vary from one country to the another. Internet restrictions and registry conditions are common, but they do infringe the rights of business owners who were sex offenders. Unfortunately, sex offenders who were business owners are restricted from internet access. Typically, the US government has a sex offender database that is designed to keep sex offenders at bay. If a sex predator has been involved in serious crimes like sex trafficking, a sex predator is usually banned from using the internet.

Many of these sex offenders who were upset because, they miss out these important instances when using the internet like filing taxes, reading online newspapers, paying bills, and more. Even owning websites is too impossible for many of these sex predators. However; if you have a lawyer, you may need to speak to him/her about these restrictions. If you were lucky to sue the government for an unconstitutional restriction; you can get your internet rights restored. Unfortunately, some states are extremely strict with their sex offender databases. Sex offenders who were banned from using the internet are often left in the dark,–all without any ways to keep up with friends, family, and other people. If you have a computer, and you were a website developer; you may need to have someone maintain your website for you. If this is the case; you may need to hire someone who will work with your website for you, and you must provide storage media that contains your data for your website like html files, CSS files, and other content for your website, be aware; depending on your condition of release from prison, or even probation, you may be restricted from using any of these storage devices. That may result you to only use paper to rough out your website code, and you must let someone host your website for you.

The Issue

Imagine if you were a sex predator, and you were released from prison on this day, you are about to change your life by becoming a business owner by running a social platform that is only for adults to use. However; you must register with a state/region if you were a sex offender. However; your conditions of your registration has caused you NOT to access the internet without your probation officer’s approval. Well, you were prohibited from using the internet altogether, and you were only left with no computer to use at home, and your wife… who write books for children has been waiting for you to come back home. Well, your ability to possess storage media has been restricted, and you can’t even go near your wife’s computer,–causing you to experience limits when launching a website platform.

However; with my platform what I am currently developing; sex predators are prohibited from using our platform under any way.

Sex offenders who were released from prison often have no way to own or possess computers, just like this guy who is end up with a lifetime computer ban.

What I’ve predicted in the future; sex offenders aren’t able to own these machines, or digital storage devices,–after a release from prison. However it varies from one state to the another,–or from one nation to the another.

Imagine, you were a person who once worked as a web developer at some business where they only code online gamebooks in html

Let’s rewind this imaginary story just a bit!

You were once a web developer who develop html gamebooks for a company who make html gamebooks for audience who wanted to play text-based games. You were just minding your own business, working on your work desktop computer. However; you were notified about your meeting with someone who wanted to speak to you about an issue.

You head to the conference room to speak with these people. However; those are the law enforcement officials were about to interview you about your involvement of child cruelty, and rape, and you have possession of items used for spanking children, and you were just figuring out how you’re going to get this issue resolved. You have a skilled lawyer hired earlier for your unknown offense.

After your interview, and investigation has been continuing,–regarding your incident,–involving child cruelty. You fled your city where you live, and you recently been placed on probation later on.

You were now being electronically tracked by law enforcement. But you continued working at your normal job.

Somehow; you were terminated from your job as you try to finish up your work on time. However. Well, you refused to resign. You wanted to keep your job. Well, there are some jobs that require you to be terminated or resign when a sex crime investigation is current, or an active investigation of most sex crimes. Think about this guy who has to resign from his career, it was days after his interview with the FBI agents!

After you lost your job, you are end up with a tight curfew set by law enforcement and your probation officer, or other means; you must abide to these conditions of your probation.

Later on; you were sentenced to years in prison, and you begin to lose your freedom for a long time. Well, you discovered your ability to develop websites is not present in prison. Well, you have a job in prison, and you work in the kitchen and serve food for inmates.

Your Releasese From Prison

Due to being convicted of raping someone, and child cruelty; you must register as a sex offender, and abide to mandatory lifetime supervision. However; you are subject to electronic monitoring. Well, you can’t own a computer at home because, you can’t even start your own business online. Well, you don’t have any computers at home, and you only use a wired phone.

So, you spoke to your lawyer about your right to own these machines has been infringed. However; having access to the internet requires you to have a specially-issued device. Typically computers without cameras are common, and mandatory use on monitoring software is key for compliance.

If this is the case; no using Ubuntu Linux for you! You will be only relying on Apple’s Macintosh OS, or Microsoft Windows as your options… nothing more, nothing less.

However; you were banned from possessing pornography of any kind, and you are tracked when you use any of these internet services. However; your home is being rigged with monitoring. That means; your ability to have access to social media has been revoked.

Upon your release supervision; you can’t go near parks and other places where children go to. However; you should register as a rapist for the rest of your life, and you should register as a child abuser for the rest of your life.

However; you are assigned to a home where rapist should be located. However; this home is designated for sex offenders and rapists. Well, you can’t have a mobile phone with a camera built-in. That requires a specific phone without a camera to be custom built,–specifically for sex offenders.

You Wanted To Own A Website, But You Can’t Own Your Own Computer

If you were planning on owning a website for business purpose, you may need to seek permission from a court, or supervising entity. Be aware; this is not going to be easy! Sex offenders who are business owners often try to have an online appearance. However; some places in the USA, or around the world keep sex offenders off the internet. Untold; children often misrepresent their age on the internet to circumvent age requirements for having accounts with these platforms. These measures often don’t work at all, and sometimes, there are issues with these web applications that appear NOT to do their job what you expected to do so. Unfortunately, modern fashion trends has sexualized women and young girls, normalizing sexual formats. Children are NOT supposed to be sexualized, that classifies as a different form of child pornography. Children supposed to be away from these dirty stuff.

Sex offenders who are business owners can run shops without needing internet appearances.

You May Need To Update And Report Your Internet Identifying Data

That’s the law; you must disclose your data to ensure compliance with these relevant laws. Sex offenders who fail to do so, are often arrested and sent to prison.

Why This Is The Problem

This is a necessary measure what our government has implemented,–based on a sex offender’s criminal acts like rape, sexual assault, battery, sex trafficking, sexual battery, exploitation of minors, etc.


Most children who were victims of sexual abuse are the known roots of being sex offenders themselves via a later age. And many parents don’t help them at all. Religion and other reasons are not suitable for NOT helping children who were victims of sexual abuse. This loophole has been left open.

Recently, Josh Duggar, a known individual has been sent to prison, and he will be a sex offender upon his release. He was ordered NOT to access the internet during his bail,–right before his trial.

Austin Jones, a musician who lost his girlfriend has exploited his fans, and he won’t be released until 2028, or later.

Most sex crimes came from religion like Islam.

R. Kelly is known to abuse women, he has a past history of losing his girlfriend.

If you can count how many sex offenders who were banned from the internet for the rest of their lives, you can find out what they’re missing out upon. For this instance, a person who is released from prison, and registers as a sex offender. A person who is now a sex offender is now end up at a location where he/she is forced to stay away from parks, schools, arcades, and other places where children are present.

A sex offender is end up with a mobile phone without a built-in camera, or a mobile phone with an intentionally removed camera that is intentionally damaged. There are basic mobile phones without cameras out there, but it requires a special form of manufacturing,–specifically for sex offenders! A sex offender may have his/her internet rights limited.

Sex traffickers should be banned from the internet altogether because, this is key to keep sex predators around the globe at bay.

Everyday, desktop and laptop computers are seized and broken up by law enforcement when they discover illegal images of children being exploited. Child pornography is considered illegal because, abuse and exploitation of children is considered illegal, and that’s what many people around the world don’t understand, and there are too many hypocrites!

Being at home doesn’t mean “you’re above the law” because, there is no possibility to be above the law at all.

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