Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Ditches AdSense… And Switches To Ethereum Ads

If you were recently visiting Fairies Dreams & Fantasy for a while; we’ve planned to sunset use of Google AdSense ads because of monopoly associated with Google itself, and we believe use of Google AdSense isn’t as reliable as we expected to be. And we have an option to replace AdSense ads with Ethereum Ads as a way toincrease privacy of our users. However; Fairies Dreams & Fantasy continues to be supported with ads as a way to keep our content free of charge, and this is key to reshape our management of our ad revenues. Within this announcement; we will tell you more about this transition.

Expectations when We Sunset Use Of AdSense

If you recently take a closer look of our website earlier, or you were just wondering why we planned to disable AdSense altogether? We are setting up times when Google AdSense being displayed on our website. Ethereum Ads will be a decentralized alternative to AdSense as we phase out use of this service. We believe this service is associated with censorship of legitimate cryptocurrency ads, and we are aware of ads that focused on denying climate change infecting our websites. We are outraged of this issue because, Google AdSense has allowed advertisers to advertise fraudulent cryptocurrency exchange ads, track us without our consent, and more.

We are doing the following efforts to reduce Google AdSense’s efforts to enable advertisers to post ads that violate our advertising guidelines. We are still revising our advertising guidelines because, we are trying our best to police our own ads when possible. We did this kind of our experimental effort… “DeGoogling” our website. And we are still doing our efforts to fully “deGoogle” our site altogether.

What you are seeing on our website are Ethereum Ads, this is an indication of our transition. We are taking efforts to tighten privacy, and enable advertisers who use a decentralized ad network to post ads on our website with ease, and no censorship.

When We Will Stop Using AdSense

By early october; AdSense ads will be deactivated as a way to ease our transition, and regain our monetization efforts. Here are the following sites what we are implementing this change:

The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade

The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade will no longer display AdSense ads. That means; Google AdSense will no longer be present on our website. This is a necessary transition. If you were concerned about your privacy,–regarding Google AdSense, you were extremely right; Google AdSense is such a bad platform, and we have to move on. With all of that byist revenue distribution. Google is really defrauding our ad revenue, and using automated techniques to falsely detect clicks on our ads,–even if these ads are NOT activated. Most likely, we’ve been battling bots for some time, and we have trouble with our web traffic. Also Ads what you see from Google often slow down our browsers, and we must stop using their platform.

All parts of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade will be free of Google Ads, and we will NOT activate these ads like these in the future. This upgrade is key for our website to cork Google’s byist revenue splitting. With Ethereum Ads, we open the gates for decentralized advertisers who wanted to advertise on our website. However; these ads what you are about to see will be no longer be provided by Google, and you don’t need to be end up with all of the tracking with Google’s invisible trackers of any kind.

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Channel

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Channel will also implement this transition, but Google Ads will be only shown from 22:00 to 7:00 CDT. This is necessary to make it easier for our alternate ads to be displayed during times when you are awake, or at work. Also Having Google Ads scheduled at these late hours when anyone is sleeping makes it difficult for Google Ads to track some visitors. Although; these are the late hours when web traffic is slow in the USA, or other parts of the world. However; this effort has been implemented when visitors consume our free videos.

Mermaids Oceans & Fantasy

AdSense will continue to run Google AdSense because, this is an only website where we have different content for anyone to consume. However; Ethereum Ads will not be implemented because, we are taking our time to do our project when upgrading our websites with different ad networks. Decentralized ad networks will be a norm for this website, only applies to websites on our Fairies Dreams & Fantasy domains.

Mermaids oceans & Fantasy will be relying on a traditional ad network,–until November, or earlier.

Other Websites

Other websites will be taking a transition.

What’s Going To Happen To AdSense Ads

All Google AdSense ads will be deactivated, and no guarantee when these ads will be activated in the future. This is important to break Google’s monopoly that seems illegal, and we must insure efforts to break Google’s monopoly is key to ease fair competition.

What You Should Do

No action is necessary! However; you may need to clear your cookies for our new ads on our website to fully take effect.

Be aware; use of decentralized ad networks will fully take effect on September 1st, 2021; and AdSense ads will be gone, and we have a plan to close down our Google AdSense account for websites, but our search subdomain is still going to run Google Ads like usual,–as long this platform abide to our advertising guidelines what we are revising with an alarming rate of updates, and we are still hardening our policies to keep certain ads out.

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