Five To Twenty Is No Longer Available

Okay, I was researching this blog, Five To Twenty for many years, after I implemented my own website on my own server. I don’t know why this website has been deleted, but a domain that is associated with this website has been parked by WordPress… a free version of this website. I don’t know if this author has lost his internet rights, or his contributor has canceled has account.

Unfortunately, this website was ran by a sex offender who is released from prison years ago, and he’s been writing on this blog for 10 years. This 10 year-old blog has been running on WordPress’s servers. However; a sex offender in Texas has his internet rights revoked, or something. I was inspired by his writing, and I was doing a full research on his blog when it was active.

My Personal Theory

I think this website ran by his father, or someone else has forgotten to renew a subscription, or a probation officer has requested court in Texas to shut off Five To Twenty. I believe this website has been associated with a person who recently has his laptop seized for downloading illegal sexual images, and content that is associated with sexual abuse. Although; this author has made a bad choice, downloading these illegal files, resulting his machine being seized. With all of these indespensibility of computers. These crooks often use them for the purpose of exploiting children. In fact; he admitted he downloaded these files, and he lost his job as a developer for a website, software, or something. This kind of a bad choice what he did has resulted him to face probation, and being monitored by an ankle monitor.

When he is in prison, he can lose any kind of property what you can think of. Not limited to just intellectual property, also… real property, freedom, and even seeing your family. He was in some federal prison someplace.

Although; when he was released from prison, and living in Texas for now, he must’ve missed out everything that was evolving via an outside world.

However; this guy is only allowed to use a regular phone that doesn’t have a camera left intact. Well, sex offenders should be kept off the internet, and other computerized devices. With this guy who has no website, this is a total loss to his intellectual property. And this loss is extremely serious. However; a sex offender can still live without internet.

How Did I Encountered A Loss Of This Website?

I typed in a URL field on my browser. And I was redirected to a page that told me about a parked domain. I tried the another way, and it told me about a site that is deleted.

This is a bad ending to this website, and this website will be remembered forever.

This is one example of losing your intellectual property when you are in prison.

Too bad! This guy has made a bad choice. If I were him, don’t go on the internet and search for sexual images of any kind.

Just wondering how did this site owner made a bad choice? Here’s my exact theory:

He was viewing pornography on his Macintosh laptop. Although; I don’t observe consuming pornography on computers because, pornography don’t belong. However; this guy has been downloading pornographic materials randomly. I believe he has been looking up something that is NOT supposed to be on the internet.

When he is about to go to work, and log into his computer, he was prompted to go to the conference room with these FBI agents who are investigating this guy’s possession of illegal pornography depicting children. He was downloading these images of these young teenagers what he is attracted to. I don’t support this guy’s practice of downloading these materials.

This guy was still working like usual, but he isn’t able to leave USA because, he is under an investigation, and he must wait and see.

Somehow, he lost his career, and he is end up with a tighter restrictions against him, right before he heads to prison.

With all of that 10 years in prison, he kept writing like usual.

Today, his site is gone!

Will It Be A Replacement For This Website?

I think there are other websites out there, and some of them are out there with other owners.

With all of these newer sex offender laws being rolled out each year; these former website owners often lose their works what they have for years.

Although; sex crimes are serious, and that can ruin your internet rights altogether.

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