WordPress 2020 Theme And The Footer Navigation Bar

Many WordPress site owners don’t understand the purpose of a new footer navigation bar what you can create by creating a new menu. However; this footer menu is NOT for placing social media accounts what you currently have, but your important pages like your Privacy and TOS pages. If you are still not sure about this menu, I’ll show you how its used!

Creating A Footer Menu

You must switch to a 2020 theme via your WordPress control panel. If you already have this theme set as your default theme. Let’s create a menu.

First, give your footer menu a name for your linked pages, such as Legal, or something similar.

Use the custom links feature to add your essential pages such as: Privacy Policy, TOS, Copyright Policy, Disclosure, Contact Us, and Support.

If you have these pages mentioned via a dedicated subdomain of your website, such as a support site, grab these URLs.

Don’t forget to save and organize your menu.

Set your menu to be placed at the footer

View your website to confirm if your footer is workijng.

If your footer appears, your footer is doing its job.

Why Create This Menu?

This is useful,–if you have a top navigation bar that leads to your similar sites what you own. Think about these web apps what you are organizing,–inspired by Google’s old navigation bar in 2012 or 2013.

If you have relevant sites on your navigation bar, you can easily declutter your navigation bar by relocating these items from an old menu to a new one.

Now, you can make your website look like its ran by a professional!

If you have a centralized form of contact mechanisms, you can repeat this cycle across other sites powered by WordPress.

Unfortunately, sidebar widgets may NOT be present, and you may need to reconfigure these widgets, or use a plugin to save your widgets.

My thoughts Of A 2020 Theme

My thoughts of using a 2020 theme is like upgrading my website to a new design, and I can prep my site for the future, but I am still going to keep my website the same, and slowly develop new content.

My other thought of having a footer navigation is like decluttering my apartment for an upcoming season.

You still have access to social links feature, and you can use this feature to keep your social links current.

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