Choosing GreenGeeks Over Other Hosting Companies Who Support Polluting Giants& Corporate Greed

So, you are migrating from; and you are proud to upgrade your website with a paid-hosting service of choice. There are many hosting companies who iffer services to host your site with a premium price. Typically; you start off with a free hosting service of choice. You have some time to monetize your site via ads or donations. You gained enough capital to upgrade from a free service to a paid service.

Migrating to a new hosting platform is kind of like moving to a new town, or imigrating to a new country to choose a different culture. However; some hosts care about our planet, but some hosts harm our world. When you choose a hosting platform; and check their reviews, and check for possible complaints; you decide if any of these hosting companies are right for you.


Choosing GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks is a green hosting company who relies on wind energy, and they enable you to host your website and reduce carbon as you run a blog, a video platform, a banking platform, a photo platform, a music platform, a storage platform, an archive website, an online encyclopedia, an online store, and other websites. Since this platform is kind of small these days; it can take years or so,–along with additional users to migrate there to make this company big.

As you choose GreenGeeks; you are choosing a sustainable form of hosting your website/blog. You can also get 24/7 chat support,–if you have questions, or you are sending feedback with a service. And you can get real time response via a human supporter,–rather than a robot. Whether if you were getting help with your hosting account, or asking general questions; they’re always there 24/7 via chat.

My experience with GreenGeeks is amazing because, I can get these problems resolved,–just like a real business serving a customer. When I migrated to reseller hosting, and got my website back to an original state; I can resume production. Although; hosting your site with them is easier than any other hosts out there. Google Cloud Platform costs more, but GreenGeeks is cheaper, and you have options to choose a hosting package that is right for you. I strongly recommended newly joined users to start with a shared hosting plan. That gives you time to expand your website with a smaller hosting plan. If you have a website that is big, and you have users 24/7; choose a dedicated server to handle all of your websites.

Like restoring a forest or integrating an intentional community with a forest; you also rely on wind energy to run your servers. You can also save money overtime because, your active users are still there; and you don’t need to worry about high hosting costs.

GreenGeeks doesn’t send money to oil-drillers, gas companies, coal companies, mining companies; and other companies who harm our planet.

If 100 new users has chosen this company today; how much carbon will it be reduced to? GreenGeeks has a different approach with their storage media. And they rely on quiet media devices that are quiet enough to reduce noise in facilities.

And speaking about disks; GreenGeeks use SSDs to store your websites to make your website run lightning fast. If they added at least 510 GB of RAM to each server; they can go fast. Fitting a 16-TB RAM into all servers can make a website run as fast as a wind, or make sites load faster, and serve pages to users. As always; the faster the server; the better the site loads.

Why Choosing GreenGeeks because of the following:

  • If you are a rewards provider for running offerwalls.
  • You have a video-hosting platform that cares about our planet.
  • You have a social-networking site.
  • You run a digital bank, or a local bank with local branches.
  • You run a website that focus on vegetarian products what you review.
  • You are an animal activist.
  • You run a text-adventure gaming website with html files, but no CMS.
  • A sustainable shipping company what you support/run.
  • You own a sustainable business.


This hosting company is cheaper, you can compare it to other hosts. You can get support around the clock.

Uses Linux for their servers. If you don’t like Microsoft Windows; Linux is a free choice.

Easy to use controls via CPanel.


Doesn’t support pornography.

If you are a gas consumer; and you support the gas industry; this hosting company is not right for you because, if a gas industry goes out; you may need to upgrade to biogas. To me; that’s not the case!

Supports ways to reduce climate change.

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