WordPress Magic: Run Your Own Hosting Service

It was the time when I switch to VPS hosting. I chosen VPS hosting because, I wanted to upload media content, and sell my own services that enable other people to run their own websites with their own domains,–rather than using a subdomain. However; I tried out Clientexic, but what I dislike about it… its not free, and it requires a valid license for this software to fully take affect after installing. However; I decided to rely on WordPress instead of a billing software that is expensive.

Launching your own hosting services isn’t just going to be fun for you and your site owners… that can also enable you to make some money with it,–if you were selling packages that are preset for your users who wanted to choose how their content should be hosted.

If you wanted to set each product on it’s dedicated page, you can use any of the following CMS software you want. At this case, I chosen WordPress, and I installed it inside my subdomain where I can sell my hosting service. I named my subdomain, “premium” for the purpose of selling premium hosting for my customers who wanted to run their own sites under their domain.

Say if: You wanted to host an array of services that will fund your website, and costs of your domain, and your hosting space. You offered these packages that range from “mini” to “powerful”. Your customers are usually billed monthly, weekly, or yearly. Weekly pricing is common for people who were relying on a small website that only offers text-based content, or just a little website where you host your own search engine via any of the third party search engines. If a user has an external blog… He/She can connect her sites via cname records, such as a store, a blog, a wiki, a video site, and more. Think about Blackle, an energy-saving search engine powered by custom search made by Google. Blackle counts how much watt hours saved when using this search engine. Like most search providers… they rely on dedicated search sites,–while they implement subdomains to reduce costs of buying new domains.

Here are the instructions to setup your own hosting service:

First, create your packages on your VPS server. Give each package a name, and set them up. You can include, or exclude features.

Go to your subdomain via your control panel, and manually install WordPress. Give it a title and description, and setup your site.

Create page. You can create product pages, or use a plugin that will do the rest of the work for you. If you are a DIY person, you can create your attractive landing page for your product what you’re advertising.

Continue on with hosting your new hosting services what you were just launched. And be sure to continue on with your content-creation.

Alternatively, you can launch a shared blog platform where people can sign up as members who wanted to sign up for your contributing to your website, and host an multi-author blog. This is useful if you want people to write content, and you can publish it later on,–after you accept a post or more to be published.

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