Create A Subdomain For Your Text Adventure Games Writtin In HTML

Many blind website owners are creating text-based games without any images, or images what they’ve taken after creating them with a help of a pro. However; text-based games that are written in html format,–rather than php and sql has been popping up recently. Since this game format. This game was coming back from the dead, and the gaming community believe text-based games use less power than graphic-based games.

However; some people are tired of relying on directories that are too long to share to social-networking sites. A possible solution is to create a subdomain for your games like This is useful if you wanted to host your own games without needing to rely on directories, or third party hosts who only support static content with limited storage.


The Experiment

I created a subdomain “arcade” to store my text-based games what I’m developing. Since I’m not using WordPress within this subdomain… I decided to create text-based homepage. I also added some images by generating logo graphics by going to to create these free graphics. This is useful for the blind users who remembered how images are,–before they lost their vision.

I started off with creating the new html file. And I named this file “index.html” within my arcade subdomain. This is necessary to create a landing page for the browser to to see the contents. However; I have to create these files myself because, I have to rely on a different computer to create these files in bulk, and configure these folders. Each folder does a different thing. Thether if it was a folder that contains files that make the browse section, or a game itself. These static files are low in resources, and they don’t take up storage as sql databases. If you are a game developer, like what I’m doing now… this is simple as creating these files that are in words, or you can create CSS files if you want. But this is useful if you want to style your games with a color scheme.

I went to to pick out some royalty-free music for my website. That will give my virtual arcade a background music to make it come to life. However; I have to credit the artist who made these tracks. I chosen Creative Commons licensed music because it’s easier to credit this artist. And they’re free to use.

I use Droid Edit Free to create these files, and I used a free FTP client to upload these files, and folders. It takes a daunting task to upload one file, and the another file.

I use a FireFox browser to test my arcade for possible flaws, and confirm these files are working right.

Now; I can implement these games, and other items.

Now you can rely on subdomains to sort your website types

If you tried this experiment above for your games, you can virtually use less disk space, while your front site can use more space like normal. Depending on your hosting plan… you may need to check if they can do subdomains,–free with your paid hosting plan.

To do this

  1. Log into your hosting account, and go to your server, and create a subdomain, “arcade” or “games”. Be sure to reserve this subdomain for html files and CSS files, and some optional JS files.
  2. Create folders on your Android tablet with a keyboard, or screen.
  3. Use an FTP client, I like to use Turbo Client because, it’s easier.
  4. Use Droid Edit Free to create these html files per each folder.
  5. Use Turbo Client to upload these files and folders.
  6. Test with your browser, and confirm if your gaming site is working.

A Word Of Caution When Using AdSense

Always go for a reputable monetization program for your website. If you use AdSense… be careful not to activate your own ads. If you have trouble, you may need to create a petition via to get this ad supplier changed,–so they can comply with ADA, and other laws that protects the blind, and other disabilities.

Don’t use image ads, use text ads instead as you monetize your text-based arcade.

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