Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Is Now UpGraded With SSL Via Let’s Encrypt… Thanks To GreenGeeks

I’ve just finally got my websites secure with SSL, without needing to self-sign SSL certificates. I can able to run my own site with my piece of mind, and I can able to rely on a secure connection to enable my visitors to safely browse content on my website.

Okay, if you are using GreenGeeks, you can ask for SSL to be configured for your website via Let’s Encrypt. All you have to do just open a support ticket, and ask for Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates. You have to wait for a while as you get these certificates issued. If you are using a CMS like WordPress, you may need to log into your sites again, and continue publishing new content. If you had a static website, you may need to edit your .htaccess file to redirect all traffic to https URLs Keep in mind; SSL certificates expire overtime, and you have to check them on a regular basis.

My Experience

As I used a plugin, Really Simple SSL; I managed to secure my primary site like a professional. My experience of replacing http with https is kind of like securing your resort building to prevent terrorism, and preventing gun violence!

Now I can use my experience of a secure site to write posts like a person who lives in a secure house with/without an alarm.

Why I’ve Thank GreenGeeks For Offering A Beta Program For Websites For Some Customers?

This is amazing! And they did a good job with offering services for our websites. It’s kind of like protecting our forests, our glaciers, and our cold places.

That also saved me over $100. And that’s a good thing when you secure your multisite, or blog as you write as an amatuer, or as a professional. I recommended Let’s Encrypt because, that enable blind users to secure websites. Never the less… GreenGeeks is awsome.

Why Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Needed An SSL Certificate?

To insure our visitors’ privacy is prioritized; this is an upgrade to prevent spying eyes from knowing which user is visiting our website. The entire website used to be open without a privacy for our users. That enable us to have users post comments, and other content without a worry. However, Fairies Dreams & Fantasy is going to rely on SSL to be hidden behind a secure connection for years to come. Like putting up new fences, or installing window grating that will prevent spies from looking in… this website will be handling new users in the future.

Without an SSL certificate; our website will stop running with a grinding halt! And Fairies Dreams & Fantasy wouldn’t exist without an upgrade to SSL.

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  1. By using Really Simple SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which is a web security technology standard to protect data on a website to make a secure connection, which is located in front of the domain name URL with the addition of https. The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rating on the site will increase.

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