What Should I Publish on Draft2Digital?

So, you written your ebook, and you are ready to publish your book on Draft2Digital. But you are still wondering what you should write in your ebook, and target it to your desired audience. Deciding what to publish on Draft2Digital is the next step. Some people started their publishing business as they write new books. But some authors don’t understand what they can publish to Draft2Digital, and distribute it to vendors.

Some people have these following questions:

  • Can I publish a long fictional book up to 20 mb in size, and keep updating my book like a blog?
  • Can I publish an erotic ebook without images?
  • Can I publish a short story?
  • Can I publish a book about preventing terrorism with an educational purpose?
  • Can I publish an anti-suicide book to help prevent suicide?
  • Can I publish a free ebook with affiliate links in it?
  • Can I publish a children’s book without pictures in it?
  • Can I license my ebook under a Creative Commons license when publishing ebooks?

If you have these questions above, just use your imagination as you publish your ebook, but you need to be aware of these terms/policies what you need to be aware of. And you have to abide to your local laws. Here are the following categories what you should avoid publishing to Draft2Digital:

  • Child pornography – Never publish child pornography under any circumstances. All erotic content should not have any children involved in an erotic ebook. Erotica is only intended for adults. Always use caution when publishing erotica, otherwise… your ebook may be pulled from your Draft2Digital Account. Keep in mind, erotica is intended for people who are targeting adult readers.
  • Terrorism – Avoid publishing ebooks that condones terrorism. Terrorism is a serious issue around the world. If you are a concerned user, contact customer service immediately.
  • Suicide – Don’t write about suicide. If you were been publishing content that encourage suicide, you may be end up being taken to a mental hospital to prevent suicide from proceeding. This is common when victims of bullying who had thoughts of suicide.
  • Bomb making content – Don’t publish content that instructs anyone how to make a bomb to cause destruction. Armed forces has been trying to prevent illegal sales of bombs manufactured by terrorists around the world. Since this content is dangerous to view or read, terrorists often use this material to cause issues with our society.
  • Guns/firearms – Don’t publish this kind of a content. Most ebooks written by gun owners often publish these kinds of contents. Most books featuring gun content are intended for an audience with stable minds. If you have mental issues, publishing books that focuses on guns is not for you.

If you are publishing to Draft2Digital

If you are just publishing books for the first time, you may need to think twice as you review your content. Your content must be targeted with a proper category. For this instance, your book is about protecting a church, and saving our planet. You must choose these categories that are suitable for your readers.

If you are publishing a book about a warrior riding a mermaid, publish it via a fantasy category. Fantasy can come in many forms. You can publish a book about a kid who wished for a large dog to ride and a dedicated house to live with his uncle. If you have fantasy within your writing subject, your imagination is your tool.

If your book is linked with the another book, a series needs to be implemented. If you have each book published with your desired vendor, you may need to stick with your subject, and work with other books later on. If you had 1 ebook priced up to $4.99 each; and you have over 100 ebooks online; it takes some time for your books to be read by one person. For this instance, you chosen Scribd as your prefered vendor… your books can be read without needing to purchase a single copy.

If you planned to publish a series

If you have a series title in mind, and you wanted to sort all of your books via a series. You can write a book about your character, or you can interact with your character in your story. A set of books can be linked together like a chain of episodes of a TV show. If you kept adding more books to your series, your series can be read from one book to the another,–just like watching endless episodes of your favorite show. You as an author write content, and readers read your content. If you have over 200 books within your series, and you managed to reach the 500th book., and you continue to publish content, your ebooks can be read by people in the future. For this instance, you write short stories, and you strategically added chapters to lengthen your book to make it suitable for subscription-based vendors. However; it takes up to 1000 books with a price of $4.00 to reach a 4-digit amount of dollers to establish a stable income. This is useful if you are a talented writer who don’t smoke/drink. If an author has a set of series of books… such as 200 series titles, and each series has over 1000 books, that can take lots of space on your disk. Most series writers who manage to stay alive often write more books, and keep writing new titles. If you have thousands of titles, and you strategically written these books; your titles can be read by anyone. Overtime, your older titles can be turned into classics.

Sticking with 1 series can lead you to having a stable brand of your ebook, and you can able to keep it going. Think about the Harry Potter series… it has multiple books what you can read. Sometimes your series titles can be updated in the future, for this instance… your title is an update to a series, but you managed to keep your characters the way it is, but you kept adding each titles each week after a new title is published. If you stayed away from harmful substances, and you kept writing books like a pro. And you reached an age of 149; you can keep writing,–until your series is fully stable. Planning to have your publications published within later years is a good idea,–so you can focus on publishing other books.

If you seasonally publish books within a series via bulk releases, and your books are ready to read, your viewers may read other books, but it can take some time. If you have millions of books published without any trouble,–even with 1 series, your older books can be read first. If you had a Scribd profile, your books may take up your webpage. Being a popular author takes time, and effort.

I licensed my fictional characters in my book under a Creative Commons license, and I published my ebook with a same Creative Commons license such as BY-SA… not BY-NCND, now what?

If you licensed your fictional characters under a Creative Commons license, and you allow reuse of your characters, even commercially, you can enable other Draft2Digital users to reuse your characters. You can create a reusable character repository,–just like what I’m doing. It can be a website what you run yourself, or rely on a free hosting platform. If you stated your characters are licensed under a Creative Commons license via your copyright page, you may need to create a website with your fictional characters stored.

If you licensed your fictional character under a Creative Commons license, here are the considerations what you need to take:

  • Consider writing wiki articles, and a blog that goes with your characters. you can create your character repository like: characters.example.com to develop your repository of reusable fictional characters.
  • Create a TNC (terms & conditions) to govern how your characters should be reused.
  • Implement a donate button, this is useful if you were asking anyone who reuse your fictional characters to leave a generous donation. This is useful if you want to keep up with your hard work with your ebooks what you create. This is useful if you only offer free ebooks for anyone, or low-cost ebooks for the poor. However… depending on a size of your book, your price must be different.
  • Encourage other writers to credit you properly… even a pro license what you offer can help them reuse your characters without providing you credit,–if a Creative Commons license isn’t suitable for your work.

Always think twice when licensing your fictional characters and your book.

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