Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Support Gets A Makeover Behind The Scenes

To ALL Fairies Dreams & Fantasy readers,
Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Support is getting a makeover of displaying our content. This is key for our website to be more easier to consume support content. We haven’t been working on our website for a long while, and we decided to do some changes to our website as a way to make it easier for visitors to view our support content with ease.

What’s Behind The Scenes

Support articles are going to have collapsible content behind buttons for interactivity, and a way to help smaller screens get less cluttered as a way to enhance accessibility for mobile devices, we need to take accessibility setup very seriously as a way to help screen-reader users on mobile devices navigate on our support website content.

This change is necessary for us to help combat inaccessibility as a way to help prevent blind consumers from experiencing clutter and other issues on smaller screens on phones and cheap tablet with very small screens.

However; all help articles are going to be updated with newly implemented buttons for expanding and collapsing content like an interactive webpage. Interactivity is key for our visitors to consume content with ease.

If you were visiting our support site each time, we write content with a conventional way,–all without enhancing accessibility. Although; reading long content may be fun, but readers on mobile devices must scroll downward when reading content, causing more time to be used up. Having content that expand or collaps is key to help reduce the burden of scrolling and reading at the same time.

Also, this effort help reduce bandwith, and screen resource as a way to help keep resources in check. We can write extremely long post, but we must segment our posts as a way to help some computers with limited RAM use less resource as possible.

FAQ pages are being renovated with interactivity, and we are working with it behind the scenes, other pages will be worked as we renovate parts of this support website.

The more interactivity on our pages, the more users will get information with our help content via our support center.

A plan to convert a conventional TOU page into an interactive TOU page will be set for days to come. Be aware, this effort of reducing screen resource is key to help mobile devices load faster when being viewed on a browser.

With all of these changes being implemented, and it may take time for these changes to be complete; you will see plenty of changes of our content that will reduce time loading content on our website.

How Will I Know If These Changes Has Been Posted?

You can just visit our support center, and check for any expandable content via buttons. This is necessary to keep up with our efforts of helping to reduce loading times on computers, and save time. We want visitors to interact with webpages as an opposd to only read content on our website.

That will give us less effort of displaying content like usual. And we can write long posts like other posts on our websites. We want you to have an easy experience with our support website.

What Should I Do?

No action is necessary when we make these important changes! Just read our content on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy, and have fun with your imagination.

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