[FAQ] Is It Time To Migrate From Windows To Linux?

Although; Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft, and you have these options, upgrade to Windows 10; or install Ubuntu on your computer. However; Windows is an expensive OS to use on your own computer. Well, Linux is inexpensive and free, and maintained by a community like people who prefer Linux. You can rely on these choices.

If you wanted to save money on purchasing a Windows 10 installer media and and product key

If you were transforming your Windows 7 PC into a Linux machine, you may need to perform these steps:

Backup Your Files

If you have important files, and you wanted to migrate to Linux… like Ubuntu, be sure to backup your files as you transition to Linux.

When using a backup utility on Windows 7; be sure to turn off creating a system image of your drive. You can backup everything what you want to keep.

If you already backed up your files, skip this step.

Create an Ubuntu disk for installing Ubuntu on your Windows 7 PC

Use a light version of Ubuntu or a full version when creating an Ubuntu disk. If you were using a USB drive for running an Ubuntu installer… be sure it has at least 16 GB of storage or greater.

Visit Ubuntu’s website and download an image,–if you didn’t create a USB disk.

Format your USB disk to implement an image to drop in files for your Ubuntu disk to boot.

Reboot your Windows 7 PC, and run the installer.

Remove your old Windows 7 partician from your drive.

Install your new OS.

Set your new machine, and your PC is now ready to use.

If you have money to install Windows 10

If you were about to upgrade to Windows 10; you may need to obtain a copy of Windows 10 and a product key. A product key is intended to activate your copy of Windows 10. You need this key to activate your copy of Windows 10. This is necessary to prevent piracy of this OS.

Obtain a Copy Of Windows 10 Image

Always go to Microsoft’s website to obtain a legal copy of Windows 10. Avoid torrent websites because, you may get an infected copy of Windows 10. If you suspected illegal copies of Windows 10 on these torrent sites, let microsoft know about your concerns. Microsoft is working hard developing their software for consumers like most typical Windows users. Unfortunately, newer pirates use tactics to inhibit law enforcement’s ability to track down these pirates. You can choose NOT to torrent any software.

Install Windows 10 to your Windows 7 PC

Microsoft has detailed instructions for installing Windows 10 on your PC, just follow these prompts like usual.


Only Linux is an affordable choice for poor computing communities. Windows is an expensive software.

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