Have You Experienced Any Difficulties With Air Rewards After You Were Wrongfully Blocked?

Somehow, you were logged out of your account, and this website claimed you have a suspicious activity, but your activity is legitimate. You were just logging into your account. Typically, reputable rewards providers use technologies to help combat fraud. If you were a person who experienced a lockout; most likely account is illegally locked, this is considered a malicious threat to users. Typically, reputable rewardable websites rely on ad networks, offerwalls, and other rewarding mechanisms to run a service for users who wanted to rely on passive income.

Possible Issues What I’ve Encountered

The following issues what I’ve encountered are the following:

When Trying To Log Back In… No Luck

I contacted support to get this issue resolved. I waited for at least 3 days, there’s no email response! Typically, reputable rewards platforms like Perk respond within number of days. I tried to log into my account… after 2 weeks or so; there is still no luck what so ever.

What You Should Do?

Think twice before signing up for Air Rewards as your prefered rewards platform.

If you think your account is locked out via a mistake; contact the administrator immediately. If no response sent to you, you need to warn users about this issue.

Set up a discussion group about Air Rewards’s deceptive suspension/termination of user account.

If you believed you were been scammed, and you discovered your Air Rewards account has been illegally suspended, you may need to create a petition to demand administrators of Air Rewards to correct this issue what you’ve experienced, just like I did!

When shopping for a rewards provider, read their TOS pages carefully, and check for their deceptive practices like illegal termination of accounts.

Be sure to switch off VPNs, and other programs to comply with reputable rewards providers.

If you managed to get your Air Rewards account restored; monitor your activity, and note possible issues when using this app.

Try to redeem all of your points to cash out,–before termination/suspensions takes execution.

However; this app is operated in the United Kingdom, if you complained it to any of their consumer-advocates. The police, or maybe the powerful version of law enforcement will hold the operator of this website accountable for user neglect, account deprivation, and misuse of systems that is designed to illegally block users. If you were in the United States of America, you can complain it to the FTC by going to ftc.gov, and file a complaint there.

Find an alternative to this app, if you successfully redeemed all of your points, unninstall this app from your device, and choose a reputable app.

If your account is severely blocked, and there’s no other way to get it back, you have the right to issue an order of a court.

If you were planning on operating a rewards website; always comply with guidelines that are designed to protect customers. If you issue payments to your clients for redeeming points; always do this promptly.

If you discovered many complaints about this website; read them.

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