Even Anti-Spam Measures Can Be Circumvented By Professional Spammers!

As I was about to write a next post on my website via WordPress, I encountered some mysterious comments, and there’s no possibility to figure out who left a reply on my post. I did have my anti-spamming tools installed,–helping to protect my multisite against spam comments, website usage, and spam social links posted on my social networking site. If you encountered this issue, most likely, bots are now capable of going around varification mechanisms, and post unsolicited content to your website, and your multisite network. Your robots.txt file isn’t immuned to these bad bots at this time. Spammers often use hosting providers to send spam to your website with automated software or scripts what they’ve developed. Professional scammers often mask their IP addresses, and even encrypt their sites to prevent detection by their own hosts. WordPress users may experienced this issue, and you may need to implement reputable anti-spam software to keep spambots at bay!
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Games That Encourage Self-Harm & Suicide Are NOT Welcomed On GreenGeeks

Some People don’t understand! Making games to play to attract kids or adults via websites or mobile apps must meet guidelines to keep content safe for everyone. If you were a developer of a game that is more like a challenge game; you need to be extra careful when creating these interactive games on websites. Typically, text-adventure games are common form of interactive games. Well, the point about these interactive games what we make can entertain people, and enable developers to make money. To me playing these games are amazing,–except for these games that can kill!

If you were developing challenge games, you need to be very careful when you were making these kinds of games. Within this article; there’s more information about why GreenGeeks will NEVER condone content that promotes self-harm and suicide.

We’re also covering real stories from arrests of these developers to an app that can be misused by a creepy character that is like a bird,–chasing your children, and brainwashing them to commit violent acts, and dangerous acts that are deadly, and it can link to serious deaths.
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Have You Experienced Any Difficulties With Air Rewards After You Were Wrongfully Blocked?

Somehow, you were logged out of your account, and this website claimed you have a suspicious activity, but your activity is legitimate. You were just logging into your account. Typically, reputable rewards providers use technologies to help combat fraud. If you were a person who experienced a lockout; most likely account is illegally locked, this is considered a malicious threat to users. Typically, reputable rewardable websites rely on ad networks, offerwalls, and other rewarding mechanisms to run a service for users who wanted to rely on passive income.

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Unfortunately, 5to20… a prison blog is no longer online!

Recently, I was checking on a prison blog, 5to 20. What I’ve discovered, a blog is no longer available on the internet. Well, that leads me to a question, or a set of questions:

  • Why 5to20 is no longer there?
  • Why did this website disappeared?
  • What ever happened to a blogger who is maintaining a blog serving prison time?

Maybe a prison blogger who runs 5to20.net hasn’t got any help from his friends and family by helping him renew his domain, and keep his website in good standing. He wrote about his experience in prison, along with his life as a sex offender. He did had a story about his addiction to pornography. In some years in the future, he will be released from prison, but his internet usage may be restricted for the rest of his life, and he has to register as a sex offender.
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[FAQ] Why GreenGeeks Suspended Or Terminated My Account For Copyfraud?

Many individuals or corporations were upset because, they’re held accountable for copyfraud. Although; fraudulently claiming copyright on content, or false claims of copyright violations has result you to serious trouble like having your copyrights forfeited, or have their website removed from their servers.
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