What Should I Use My Ubuntu Computer For?

Okay, you just finally ditched Windows, and you are ready to dive into Linux. However; some people has came up with different uses for their Linux machines. That can range from game development to regular use of a machine,–including business use.

Currently, I am using my Ubuntu machine to work on my website, and develop gamebooks and other good things.

Although; some people don’t understand what kinds of things what you can do with your Linux machine.

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Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Ditches AdSense… And Switches To Ethereum Ads

If you were recently visiting Fairies Dreams & Fantasy for a while; we’ve planned to sunset use of Google AdSense ads because of monopoly associated with Google itself, and we believe use of Google AdSense isn’t as reliable as we expected to be. And we have an option to replace AdSense ads with Ethereum Ads as a way toincrease privacy of our users. However; Fairies Dreams & Fantasy continues to be supported with ads as a way to keep our content free of charge, and this is key to reshape our management of our ad revenues. Within this announcement; we will tell you more about this transition.

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Is Ubuntu 21.04 A NightMare?

Okay, I decided to remove Gnome desktop from my desktop computer, and I decided to to reboot it, and what I encountered… is an issue with a screen-reader, Orca when just only using Xubuntu interface. That’s when I decided to reinstall Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on my desktop to revert to a stable LTS version. Well, this is necessary because, this is necessary for my machine to rely on these programs that are stable. However; I reconnected my FireFox account to sync my browsers. My laptop is still running a rolling release of Ubuntu, such as 21.04; and I am currently waiting for a next LTS version of this OS.
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Ads In Text-Adventure Games & The Monetization Issues

If you were dependent on Google AdSense; and you only use this ad network. Your preferred ad network may someday break away from Google,–after they lost an antitrust battle. Although; AdSense is bought out by Google years ago, and the US DOJ is trying to break Google into smaller companies, just like what they did to AT&T years ago. If you were dependent on any other ad networks, and you have trouble placing ads in your html text-adventure game what you are currently creating. Consider using Revive Ad Server, this software enables you to diversify your advertisements via ad networks with a central portion of your website. If you were careful when monetizing your website; you can still use ad networks like usual.

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[FAQ] How Do I Monetize My Text-Adventure Game Only Written In HTML And CSS?

This is a question what some text-adventure game developers may ask each time, and they’re not sure about how to monetize their text-adventure game on their websites. However; you can implement an ad code to each of these pages, but it may be messy when switching ad networks. Typically, ads inside html text-adventure games must have a dedicated area for an advertisement to reside. Well, most text-adventure games don’t come with ads inside because, these ads often get outdated, and they can be obsolete. This is a common issue what game developers has experienced when relying on ad networks. You can still monetize your text-adventure games with ads,–if you follow these guidelines provided by an ad provider like Google AdSense, or any other ad networks.

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