Games That Encourage Self-Harm & Suicide Are NOT Welcomed On GreenGeeks

Some People don’t understand! Making games to play to attract kids or adults via websites or mobile apps must meet guidelines to keep content safe for everyone. If you were a developer of a game that is more like a challenge game; you need to be extra careful when creating these interactive games on websites. Typically, text-adventure games are common form of interactive games. Well, the point about these interactive games what we make can entertain people, and enable developers to make money. To me playing these games are amazing,–except for these games that can kill!

If you were developing challenge games, you need to be very careful when you were making these kinds of games. Within this article; there’s more information about why GreenGeeks will NEVER condone content that promotes self-harm and suicide.

We’re also covering real stories from arrests of these developers to an app that can be misused by a creepy character that is like a bird,–chasing your children, and brainwashing them to commit violent acts, and dangerous acts that are deadly, and it can link to serious deaths.

If You Were Developing Games That Are Challenges

Be very careful with content what you are writing for your audience. For example; if you were writing a challenge game that doesn’t require real-world actions, always place a disclaimer on your page of each of your games what you’re developing. If you were writing a text-based game for interactive fiction; always detail what’s the function of your game,–along with gameplay information. For example you were writing a game that encourages anyone to stay alive, and live longer; you write a story about a character, and you were setting up choices for your player. If you were providing content that may include some drama in your game, or you were just adding difficult levels… avoid adding these contents to your game via an action box what you’ve inplemented, this is necessary for your players’ safety:

  • Don’t add actions that encourage a character to do self-harm – although; I’ve read a book “Hatchet” By Gary Palson before, and I taken a look of a character’s attempt of suicide,–after a self-harm. But he manages to survive 54 days in the wilderness, after his plane crashed into a lake. If You added a command like “Slice off your fingers”, that will brainwash players to do the same action. This is not a suitable command to add. If you were writing a fictional text-based game that focuses on survival, or medical fiction, always inform your players about your content that may be sensitive to your players. For example; a story about a monkey who was stolen from a jungle, and a hero who is about to return him back to a jungle. If a part of a story contains a situation about a monkey who is doing self-harm, just like what happened to Brian Roberson via a book what I’ve mentioned, don’t keep this part of a story focused on it, instead; write parts of a story that will help a monkey go through his difficult experience at a zoo that was held accountable for animal cruelty. You can place these commands… for example; “Drop Sharp Twig”. If a player chooses this action; that will tell a monkey to drop a sharp twig, and stay alive. If you have all of these commands to keep this monkey alive via a difficult experience, this is one way to prevent thoughts of self-harm out of your games.
  • Don’t add commands that encourages a character to commit suicide – this is serious! Never add this command, or set of commands that may link to suicide of a character. If your game has a sad ending because, of a character who committed suicide. Always add a message that warns your players NOT to try this at home, and at minimum; place an anti-suicide website link, or phone number to help people who have thoughts of suicide. Helping to prevent suicide is necessary to keep people alive. Victims of bullying, abuse, and other factors are common links to suicide. If your text-based game has a level to encourage a person to stay alive, always add special commands like “Evacuate Abusive House Of Horrors”, you are helping a victim of abuse leave this house to get help.

A Real Story About A Dangerous Game, “Blue Whale Challenge”

The makers of Blue Whale Challenge has been arrested for all of suicide done to kids and teens. It’s enemy, Pink Whale Challenge has been trying to wipe a suicide game off the internet. However; the developer who made this game might be in prison for a long time. Six years behind bars is not enought to bring this developer to justice. In the USA; murder is illegal, and you can be either sentenced to death, or life behind bars. Game developers who caused suicide to children are NOT immuned to being held for all of the harm.

Unfortunately, a suicide game, Momo challenge has popped up, and this is an outrage to our world, after a death of a child in Argentina. There’s no such alternative to Momo Challenge at this time, and there’s no kind developer who is willing to combat this cyberbully. However; I’m implementing community standards to my experimental platform what I’m trying to get off the ground. Momo is our children’s top enemy… suicide is not cool for our life because, self-harm, and suicide is dangerous.

What You Should Do?

If you ran an online community, implement guidelines that will keep suicide and self-harm at bay.

If you see something that is NOT right for your website; take action immediately!

Don’t let any community membe develop games/apps tha tpromote suicide/self-harm.

Monitor your blogging platform for possible signs of illegal challenges that may link to suicide.

Tighten your community guidelines on your social network site.

Post a link to a hotline dedicated to help people who have thoughts of suicide.

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