Slight Change – Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Renames Original Web Book Series, UpdatesPermalinks, And More

From slight changes on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy to revamping parts of our website, Fairies Dreams & Fantasy (Main Story) has been renamed to A Very Long Fairy Ride Adventure as a way to reduce confusion as a way to evolve. If you were recently following this category via an RSS feed; you may need to grab a new feed, and delete an obsolete feed as soon as possible for the best results.

Our Web Book Series Are Evolving

We are partially revamping our way we write content, inspired by Japanese novels and light novels. We decided to switch to this format to get more dialog as a way to help ourselves get new readers who prefer to read light novels. This is key for us to help expand our work with ease. This planned revision may take a long time to post on our website as a way to help our site prepare for the future. We believe light novels are the future, but they will be longer than usual.

All posts on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy will be lengthened as a way to attract long term readers who support our work.

Changes To Permalinks

Starting on November, Fairies Dreams & Fantasy via our main domain is going to have numeric permalinks as a way to shorten our links to make our links easy to share on social networks. If a 404 error occours on our previous social postings on our social media pages/channels, please share our content with new links when our migration has been implemented to the point of evolving from our conventional long links to an easy to manage links.

However; it may be frustrating to people who want to read our creative work on our main website, but this evolutionary step is necessary for us to future-proofour work for years to come

If this is the case; follow these steps:

  1. Review our content.
  2. Relink our post with a new link.
  3. Replace obsolete links as a way to get the most from our content on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy.

AdSense Is Going Away

We believe Google AdSense is not helping our website at all, and our readers are concerned about their privacy. We are fully migrating to Shareaholic as a way to evolve. That gives us less effort as a way to find other ways to monetize our websites what we own. Be aware of our changes of our ad zones, and we are still finding ways to sell our ad zones to independent advertisers as a way to rethink how we can independently display ads on our website without relying on ad providers who dictate how ads are served to our audience. This is one way we’re democratize our self-hosted ads with democratic views. Although; some of my customers who read our content are complaining about Google failing to remove fraudulent ads that focus on cryptocurrency investments/trading, companies who pollute our planet, and even scammers who misrepresent companies by using their brands.

Other ad networks that require certain traffic volumes is a known discrimination for smaller websites, and that needs to be stopped as soon as possible.

We believe supporting Google’s monopoly is such a bad choice, and we decided to “DeGoogle” our ad servers as a way to mitigate corporate greed.

Prioritizing Having our own Content On Our Servers

That applies to our videos what we will create in the future.

Choosing To Publish Books And Distribute Them To Public Libraries

Our commitment for supporting public libraries is our priority is important for us to help mitigate privacy issues. We still have some books on these paid platforms, but we are planning a major move for our content as a way to help reduce the burden of credit/debit cards what our customers use to pay for our content. Use of a library card should be strengthened as a way to keep our reading customers diversed around the world. This is important to help other people save up some money, and enjoy our content without lifting a dollar. We believe supporting public libraries is the future.

If you were one of our customers who read our books, and you discovered your access to your purchased material is no longer available, just head to a public library and request your books to be available via a librarian in your local neighborhood.

If you were reading our books on Scribd

If you were reading our books on Scribd, you may need to finish up reading our work.

It will be a 30-day grace period before some of our books will be moving out.

If our books are no longer available, visit a public library.


If some of our books bare our different logo, and they are still available, they’re here to stay.

If You Were Rely On B&N

Download your DRM-Free copy immediately,–before it goes away.

That also apply to other retailers.

Construction Of Our Online Arcade Continues

We are still constructing our online arcade, but we need to go to work each weekday. We are trying our best to improve our site for our visitors.

Mermaids Oceans & Fantasy Will Be Restored In The Future

We are planning on restoring this website as a way to help divide content for the general audience and adult audience. However; this is going to be a long effort to restore this website, we have a specific way to insure our projects are revisited.

Upojn restoration; it will be a different look, or evolved to a point of being a paid platform. We also have plans to keep these brands placed at dedicated sites.

Existing members who rely on this website may experience some serious changes when our site like this is restored.

Also, subscriptions will be revised as a way to only cater towards audult audiences only. Although; pricing will be upgrading.

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