Ads In Text-Adventure Games & The Monetization Issues

If you were dependent on Google AdSense; and you only use this ad network. Your preferred ad network may someday break away from Google,–after they lost an antitrust battle. Although; AdSense is bought out by Google years ago, and the US DOJ is trying to break Google into smaller companies, just like what they did to AT&T years ago. If you were dependent on any other ad networks, and you have trouble placing ads in your html text-adventure game what you are currently creating. Consider using Revive Ad Server, this software enables you to diversify your advertisements via ad networks with a central portion of your website. If you were careful when monetizing your website; you can still use ad networks like usual.

Ad Placement Issues

That applies to html text-adventure games what you are currently writing in html.

If you have a text-adventure game what you’re developing, and you wanted to monetize it with ads; you must rely on a VPS server in order to do this. Or rely on a hosted version of Revive Ad Server as a way to let the company host your ads for you,–if you only rely on shared hosting platforms. If you were placing ad codes inside your text-adventure game content what you’re writing, and you relied on this format; most likely; you will have a messy job replacing ad codes with your own hosted ad codes. Revive Ad Server fixes this problem by enabling YOU to cut away a middleman when monetizing your website.

If you were placing ad code that is generated by your own software when writing static html content; follow these guidelines:

Place An Ad Above Your Content

If you were writing a text-adventure game in html, and you were writing content for your game that describes a situation, or where you are at. You can place an ad above it. You must place it inside a <div> container for the best results. This is key to prevent accidental clicks to your ads in your text-adventure game. If your text-based game has a multiple choice; you can repeat your template for your text-based games when you repeat how your ads are displayed. Keeping a max of 1 ad per page is key for your text-based game to display content faster. However; your ads what you are displaying may change when you rely on ways to rotate your ads when being displayed.

Place Ads Below Content & Above Links For Controlling Your Text-Based Game

If you prefer to have your players read content before seeing an ad; and you want your players to read content over seeing your ads; this is useful when your text-based require your players to read, and make decisions when playing this game. If your ad code is above the links; a <div> container must contain your ad, and you should avoid placing your ad code too close to these links.

When your ad is displayed below your content, and your players see your ad; they can also see your links to other actions as a way to see the ad, and interact with your game at the same time.

Ads Inside Your Content

This is an important strategy when monetizing your text-adventure game. This is useful if you wanted to have smooth monetization when monetizing your text-adventure games. Your ad code is surrounded by your content, and your ad may be relevant to your players who play your game. Relevant ads are key to match your content. However; your ad network may sometimes do tricks to players. If you encouraged your players to use a dedicated browser that is designed to keep advertisers from tracking your players.

Ad AlongSide Your Content

This is the another strategy for monetizing your content. This format is usually used for text-based games that receive less players, and an ad displayed at the side is used for displaying multiple ads that are relevant. If you have a text-based game that has 100 playing your games each day; this form of monetization may be useful for some games that require you to read extremely long pages with content, and make a decision with this game. Long form of reading text enables you to read like usual.

If Your Text-Adventure Game has No Way To Have Ads Displayed

If you don’t rely on ad networks, and you only rely on donations, you must find donors who will support your work, or you can use other means of receiving money like Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc. If you wanted to use Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies; you must find either a hosted wallet service, or exchange, or any other ways to store your cryptocurrencies.

If you only use cryptocurrency for your website, and you rely on this form of monetization; you need to add a donation prompts to your text-adventure game between levels, places, or actions.


You can monetize your text-adventure game with ads,–as long your ads don’t clutter your games what you make. However; monetizing your games is one way to earn some money on your website, and you must check your ad networks on a regular basis.

The more content what you wrote for your text-based game; the better your work. However; if you wanted people to read as they play your text-based game; you can always write extremely long content like a book.

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