[FAQ] I Rely On Multiple Ad Networks… Should I Use AdRotate or Revive Ad Server?

Okay, I’m currently ditching AdRotate because, I am upgrading my WordPress multisite as a way to make it easier to manage ads from a central subdomain of my website. Some people has thought using AdRotate or Revive Ad Server as a way to monetize content on their website. However; these programs for your website has limitations, or require to install plugins as a way to add functionality.

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[FAQ] Can I Have Multiple Domains On My Hosting Account Via GreenGeeks?

Although; having multiple domains on your own server is common for businesses who sell an array of branded products/services, or expand with an array of brands. Although; having an array of domains can raise costs of hosting overtime. Well, this is common for large businesses who already have lots of money when they sell products/services. NameCheap is the known domain seller who sell domains with a low price… that’s how this company got its name. You can use NameCheap to buy domains with a low price. This is common for people who wanted to save extra money on domain registration. However; this approach may require you to point your domain to GreenGeeks’s name servers, and it takes some technical skills to do it. If you were already comfortable with handling DNS configuration; it may also take some time.
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Dealing With Irate Users On Your Website

Are your customers irate on your website. For this instance, you offered subscriptions because, you rarely write content on your website as a way to entertain your customers who taken your service for granted. However; not all customers are equal.

Well, what’s the point about customers? They use your services to support your work, and consume your content. You as a facilitator who facilitate publishing content on a regular basis, and you rely on your customers who subscribe to your services. And some customers are loyal, and they leave feedback as you publish content for other customers. To me… having customers on your website is awesome,–except for these examples of customers who were irate, and cause your reputation to go down.
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What To Do If You Experienced A Catastrophic Failure Of Your WordPress Multisite?

This is my first exclusive experience of a website castrophe. I was about to update my installs of WordPress, but a catastrophic failure occured. I was lucky to use my backup of my website to restore my website altogether, and I managed to get my primary website restored, and I managed to redo an update of my install of WordPress. However, Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Writer isn’t that lucky, it was all broken, and my backups didn’t help, and I have to figure out how to get it restored. Well; experiments do fail, and it can lead to a catastrophic mess. For this instance, you were about to update your CMS, but your CMS went down after an error has occurred. I was careful enough to update CMS correctly. Unfortunately, Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Writer didn’t make it, and I have to plan out a rebuild for months to come.
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Strategic Subdomain Setup

Many business owners who already preformed their website with their own content as a way to get audience to read their content early, before a website is converted into a website ran by a business,–after strategic planning of their website. Some business owners has bought other businesses, and started rebranding these companies to give them a new lease of life. You can choose to keep a domain name of a business what you bought recently, or migrate it to your subdomain, and rebrand it,–or park an existing domain for your subdomain, or even keep the domain active.

Subdomains always make it easy to save money on domain ownership. For this instance… Walmart chooses to own walmartmoneycard.com for people who use debit cards provided by Walmart. Both of these domains owned by Walmart are common examples via the real world.

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