Hosting Magic: Use 2 Hosting Platforms To Diversify Your Websites

This is an experiment what I am doing with GreenGeeks and NameCheap.

Many people who rely on 1 hosting platform as their preferred hosting platform. You can use 2 platforms at once. For this instance; you run a VPS on one host, and a shared server on a second host. However; this is my experiment what I am currently performing.

Using NameCheap to run Mermaids Oceans & Fantasy

This is my intentionally parodied website what I’ve made as a parody of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy. I decided to perform this experiment as a way to diversify my audience who believe in fairies, or mermaids. If you were reading content on this website; it’s using a VPS as a way to host content that is suitable for being independent of YouTube in the future. This is a true way of hosting your website with your own content what you’ve create your content from scratch.

If you take a look of my other websites; I used NameCheap to run a WordPress site that is only intended for members who are my paying members. Well, this is an online version of romance fiction, I’ve toned down this website to safely abide to their policies that prevent adult websites from causing issues with their hosting platform.

However; this website what I am hosting at the another host is intended for older readers. I typically write fictional stories on my main website. I just link my main website from my other website. This is key for people who wanted to alternate between websites.

I am giving a shot for writing romance stories on this dedicated website. However; I am making it similar to Fairies Dreams & Fantasy!

The main host what I am using

GreenGeeks is my main host where I host my main website. However; this is key for running my self-hosted ads, and implementing a text-adventure arcade for mass play via my random audience.

Although; I aren’t able to mix mermaids and fairies with just one website because, that will make it confusing. However; writing fantasy stories with fairies included is common for my main website. However; locking down paid content by 99.9% on Mermaids Oceans & Fantasy is key to enforce subscriber requirements for my membership-based website. Diversifying between non-paying visitors, and paid members is key for my audience to enjoy their content like usual.

Two hosting platforms is key to sort companies what you support

Having accounts with 2 companies doesn’t just enable you to do business with them; you can also run 2 sites separately.

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