If you were using Google AdSense… and you are a member of a car-free movement and tobacco-free movement… block these ads!

Although; your environmental website supports efforts to go car-free, but ads related to autos and vehicles are left unblocked, and tobacco ads are also left unblocked. However; you can block these ads to remove advertisers from promoting their products and services associated with their ads on your website.

Why Block Autos & Vehicles?

If you were a member of a car-free movement; you may need to block ads that are associated with autos and vehicles.

People are most likely to buy new cars in the future, causing our dependency of automobiles to spiral out of control.

By blocking these ads; you are helping to shrink the auto industry, and the automobile dependency by at least 44% or more.

This is key for other websites who are members of a car-free movement.

If you want to block these ads; follow these instructions:

  1. Go to AdSense.
  2. Go to “Blocking Controls” and choose all sites.
  3. Go to Manage general Categories.
  4. Activate a button to block autos and vehicles.
  5. Log out of your AdSense dashboard.

If you confirmed your website has no ads displaying ads that focused on autos and vehicles, your website is now set NOT to support this category.

If you were a person who don’t support the tobacco industry

Just repeat these steps above.

Blocking tobacco-related ads is key to help people steer away from tobacco products. This is key for people who don’t want to support the tobaccoindustry.

Well, I blocked this category because, my goal is to prevent tobacco sales from going up.

My thoughts of blocking tobacco ads is like clearing the smoke by 99.9%.

My personal Thoughts Of Blocking These Ads

My thoughts of blocking autos and vehicles is like selling a car, and taking public transportation.

My thoughts of blocking tobacco ads is like closing down a smoke shop, and opening up a gaming arcade.

With no autos and vehicles ads; it’s like clearing up the streets for our biking community. By blocking this category; you support cyclists who wanted to ride bikes in streets, and reduce cars on the road.

With blocking tobacco ads; is like scorching the entire tobacco field, and replanting trees for our planet.

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