Trying To Reach Green Geeks and log into your account? Watch Out! There’s A Site Pretending To Be Green Geeks

Recently, I was searching for something intresting to read on Google via a Search engine. Did you notice there was a site pretending to be Green Geeks? Within this analysis, and facts of this scam website… you need to safeguard your data.

Here’s what I found

I stumbled upon this site via this URL If I were you; don’t click on any of these links on this webpage! These scammers were attempting to skim your credit cards, and your account information.

I discovered Green Geeks’s content stolen,–scraped from a legitimate site:

  • One typo found.

  • Content copied from a legitimate source. This is the true known example of stolen content,–all without the permission of Green Geeks.
  • Same information, and its a real duplicate.

It looks like Green Geeks at the hosting directory, follow by a /.html directory.

All of the plans, pricing, TOS, Blog itself, and the other contents were stolen by these bad guys.

If you were brave enough to see what’s around this site, you can see all of the scraped content.

Search on any search engine. Well, this site is kind of young… but this site has claimed to be Green Geeks. But this site has violated copyright, and trademarks, owned by Green Geeks LLC.

If you discovered this scam website; report it right away.

What you should do

Go to the legitimate site, Green Geeks, and compare it to the URL what I’ve mentioned earlier, and let the support team know what you’ve just found.

Encourage other people to flag down the scammers who were running this site.

Open a support ticket to let them know what you’ve just found.

Provide as much info as you can.

Always compare between the difference between a real, and a fake site. If it’s… its a fake site.

Don’t provide your credit card/paypal info on that fake site. Check for the spelling of at the URL with an https prefix included.

Please spread the word by sharing this post to your friends online! And I’ll come back with some updates.

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