Fairies are for Everybody of All Ages? Yes They are In My Opinion!

For the past years, I’ve started believing in fairies since 2005, and alternative to believing in God, but some people didn’t even understand, anyone can believe in fairies. But a decision is yours. Anybody can believe in fairies, not just kids! That’s what some people didn’t even understand. What if you written a book about fairies, or you watched movies about fairies, and someone said “You are too old for fairies!!” You’ve been offended by some person who don’t believe in fairies. You had the right to believe in fairies,–it doesn’t matter how old you are. I’ve started believing in fairies because, I’m trying to change my lifestyle for the purpose of getting my abilities back,–after I lost my vision. It was a bit successful. But I’m still finding the ways to believe in fairies without effort.

Speaking about adults who believe in fairies. Well, it’s okay to believe in fairies. I’ve started believing in fairies since years ago. Anyone can believe in fairies. Whenever you are a kid or adult. Any person who said, “You are too old for fairies.” That can easily have this offending person accused of infringing their rights to believe in something different! Say if you were enjoying your lunch at your local cafe. And you’re enjoying your vegetarian sandwich, you are drinking a cup of tea all right, but a mysterious person illegally spiked your tea with alcohol. Well, you don’t drink alcohol, and you filed a complaint with your waiter who discovered your issue. He replaces your tainted cup of tea with a new cup of tea, but a same offender still forces you to drink alcohol, your waiter ordered that person to change tables. But he refused, and he contaminated your entire lunch. Your waitress replaces your entire meal. The management team has removed the offending person from your table. They respected your request to replace your entire meal. They respected your right to believe in fairies. Although; the news crew has investigated a problem. That was a mysterious guy who dressed up as Jesus,–infringing your rights, such as your right to believe in fairies. That guy was officially ordered to stay away from all tea-drinkers who are enjoying tea with their lunch.

If you thought of seeing a movie be any worse? Think again!! Many movies that feature fairies might not be family-friendly what you expected to. Many of them has been sexualized by these primary character-creators who refused to make these fairies family-friendly. No child or adult who don’t like sexual content want to be rigged by these unwanted disgusting features. I’ve learned a lesson from these creators who were sued by real families who were trying to leave sexual content off their children’s TV sets, and movie players. Maybe these creators has been lobbying for sexual content for years. There is something wrong with these fairies in some movies what I watched since years ago. Who in the right mind to sexualize fairies in G-rated movies? This is kind of backwards, I wouldn’t do it to anyone of all ages.

What Do I Mean?

Many movies what you’ve been watching didn’t even disclose any message,–telling us believing in fairies is for everybody. If I was a movie-producer, I rather disclose this message,–so older individuals can believe in fairies too.

Many TV shows didn’t even disclose if believing in fairies is for everyone either. This form of discrimination has been around,–after TV shows with fairies has came out on TV. This is seem kind of harsh to adults. There’s no such disclosure requirements enforced for TV shows with fairies featured. And there’s no such policy that prevents this form of hidden discrimination.

In my opinion; you are NOT too old to believe in fairies. It doesn’t matter how old you are, it doesn’t matter how tall you are, what color you are, and it doesn’t matter what religion what you prefer.

I prefer to believe in fairies, and I also prefer believing in fairies is for everyone, not just kids. I you are still developing content that still discriminates adults,–with a message, you are too old for fairies; you’re supporting discrimination.

Let Me Explain Even Further With These Example Scenarios:

Say if you are writing a book that focuses on fairies, and you are writing for the general audience. You are writing a book about fairy queens, and fairy princesses who grant wishes to anyone around the world. You want your audience to be educated about fairy-based culture, and you are an author of your book who published it as open-source content. You are relying on your own creative mind to write a large book for your fans who wanted to learn more about believing in fairies.

You studied lots of fairies in lots of books what you read during childhood. You were at school, and you were reading lots of books with fairies in it! I read a large book with fairies before. I pictured these fairies in my memory, and I rely on reading books to find lots of fairies who are interesting to study.

I explored lots of public domain books that are useful for my projects in the future. I kept my running system of believing in fairies hidden,–so I can protect my independence.Why I’m trying to protect my independence when believing in fairies, is the following:

  • When believing in fairies, I have to avoid going to church and/or reading bibles,–especially reading braille at school. I have to rely on reading books with fairies when I spend time at the bunks. Most of my other beliefs are currently being wiped. That’s important for me to protect myself from unsolicited praying, and other unwanted junk.
  • When I imagine riding a fairy, I have to keep a tight grip as I fly. There’s no way for me to land anywhere,–where places were infected with bullies who I don’t trust.
  • When believing in fairies, I have to varify if anyone around me respects my rights. That’s important for safety. If my rights has been infringed, that can be a disaster!

You had lots of fun writing your books, and your fans really liked your books, but what if one of your fans has left a negative thought on your book. That really caused your book to be banned from some schools that are trying to sensor believing in fairies? Sensorship against fairies is not a good thing to do. Now these days; educational facilities has to abide by the terms of seperation between church and state! Promoting religious content in schools may be a violation of seperation between church and state. I’ve already went to school that already abide to these following changes to our new laws that prevent religious content from being promoted in school classrooms.

Choosing to believing in fairies is kind of like leaving the church ship, and choose to go to FairyLand, and fly with fairies. It’s also kind of like riding rabbits in my imagination.

Are There Any Problems With Fairies Only Granting Wishes to Kids, but NOT Adults?

Yes, this is the known issue that’s been lurking in our creative world for years. And it’s time for all of us to prevent this form of discrimination from extending. Although; some activists who are fighting against discrimination have the enormous power to stop discrimination at all costs. If fairies were real, and they only grant wishes to kids, that can be a disaster for adults, that can also infringe the rights of the current fairy-believers who were adults, especially people at age 60 and up.

In most carnival events, and fairs; high levels of discrimination has been revealed! Adults has been filed complaints against these fun resorts that are defective by design. If I were the administrator of a resort, I will set guidelines to prevent discrimination. And a disclosure notice must be posted to let customers know why is not a good idea to discriminate anyone. For example; certain age limits for believing in fairies will not be tolerated; respect the rights of all fairy-believers who were already believing in fairies; and believing in fairies isn’t just for kids anymore! Adults can believe in fairies too.

Fairies who were granting wishes during the holidays are still hiding deceptive acts against adults, such as; NOT granting wishes to them, and leaving them behind,–all without any way out to leave the older version of FairyLand, this act can pose risk to grown fairy-believers who were believing in fairies.

And speaking about fairies only granting wishes to kids, if an adult discovered discrimination, lawsuits may be filed against any fairy who is involved in discriminating adults. Who in the right mind to discriminate adults who wanted to believe in fairies? This is seem kind of harsh to me. The good news is; the school what I’ve went to has respected my right to believe in fairies, and I made fairy figures to output my imagination. I worked with my projects with my friends who supported my project for the purpose of promoting believing in fairies. And everyone did. All of my creation has changed the lives of my friends who also believe in fairies.

Are There Any Ways to Make A Difference?

Yes! You can let audience know believing in fairies is for everyone who wanted to believe in fairies, whenever is a movie, TV show, book, or any other media. You can disclose it to anyone who already believe in fairies. If you are an admin of your resort, you can change policies, and prevent further discrimination from extending.

You can also talk to your school administrator about respecting the rights of some people who wanted to believe in fairies. Educate others why fairies aren’t just for kids anymore.

If you watch TV that has fairies featured on it; talk to the creator of a TV show, and ask for a new episode that feature some fairies granting wishes to adults via any age category. It may take some time for them to respond to your request. Regular communication with a creator will help; if the creator refused to change the way how their TV show is formatted, and no adult has a fairy,–nor a fairy grants a wish to an adult; you can do any of the following:

  • File a lawsuit against the creator who is involved in discrimination against adults. Be sure to provide more evidence, it’s faster for these forces who were about to help you to trace all of the discriminatory activity towards the creator in question.
  • Create a petition, or find someone who is willing to create a petition for you.

You can also create your own content that feature fairies. And you can make a difference by developing alternatives to common TV shows, Movies, and other media that will also make a difference. It may take some time for you to create something new. If you were successful with your content; you can grow your audience. Everyone will be so happy because, you made a difference. So that’s why you shouldn’t discriminate anyone’s age group!

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