Use The “Disable Blogging” Plugin To Make It Easier To Create A Static Website

Some webmasters wanted to implement a static website instead of a blog because, they wanted to setup a website that is dedicated to run services, such as enabling advertisers to purchase ad slots, or running a support site, or just running a website with advanced information.

Although; some people wanted to run a static website,–instead of a traditional blog when using self-hosted WordPress. Whether if you had a sigle installs of WordPress that is dedicated to do each function. You wanted to run your own social networking site that is an alternative to a common social networking site that is indeed out of shape, or too much ads spying on your computer. However; I’m still experimenting with my website,–trying to fix up my support site, and find the way to rewrite articles that are outdated.


However; the catch with this plugin is… some spammers use these tricks to trick users on this website is actually a blog,–by modifying a plugin, or create content that may look like posts,–or in some cases… cloning other websites. These clones often attack other websites who were legitimate by abusing the use of this plugin. Its possible to make your static website useful without publishing blog posts… but you can write static content. You can make a set of pages to arrange chapters like a book, sort help articles, arrange services for reserving an ad slot for advertising your product or services, or you can implement a set of contact forms… so users can report abuse, arrange order forms, arrange images, build a glossary; arrange legal pages, and more.

The catch is: you will be having users landing on your website where there are no posts to display, but you can fix it by creating a front page. In common, most help center articles don’t have navigation links to jump to the previous or next article.

Most news sites don’t use this plugin because, they provide new content everyday! But they can still set a dedicated site where static content is hosted.

Say if: you ran a website where you share a set of fictional stories for children of all ages, and reluctant adults. Your static site has a library of content what they can read by going through each page by navigating through the links implemented. And unlike blog posts; these pages will also enable you to have subpages,–making it easier for you to sort content that is relevant,–just like a library of books. If you are a talented writer; you can write over hundreds of pages on your site like a pro with optional ads, or optional paywalls.

Earlier, it used to be a site that doesn’t have any blog posts, but pages that contains content. WordPress is so useful, it can outperform Blogger, and other blogging sites that are build by many third parties. And speaking about Blogger… Blogger has been dictating how their services should be used. Since Blogger doesn’t have this feature of making subpages, it doesn’t have this feature at all! You have to just arrange your blog posts as an alternative to using these static pages. Labels are the only way to sort these pages. Everyday, people has been moving out of Blogger because, they don’t like the way how Blogger dictates how blogs are build. But with WordPress… there’s no dictator! You customize it with your way,–its kind of like running your own nation, and its also kind of like owning a house without a worry.

If WordPress didn’t exist… we will be end up using expensive site software that is too limited for all of us. Using WordPress is kind of like ruling your own nation.

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