We’ve Experienced An Attack Of The Racoon Boy!

This news article is based on real places, and real people. Names and places has been changed to protect the privacy/identities of individuals.

It was a time when I was minding my own business… relaxing, and viewing bills on my phone; I heard something about the barrel of chips being stolen by the racoon boy. Both lion, and cub has a bad experience with him. Before I relaxed, I was just minding my own business; eating breakfast. Both of these lions were just getting ready to go to the dentistry portal. A little lion cub was about to get some barrel of chips to eat a tasty treat, but a large lion has been asking the another large lion to pick up a barrel of chips.

However; big lion’s room has been entered by a racoon boy; a thief who lies with endless loop. But the big lion has a secret weapon… a hidden camera that will be the spare eyes for the family. The racoon boy was simply just lying about the act of stealing a barrel of chips.

“Come down to the 1st floor racoon boy, the big lion shouted, looking on her mobile phone,–reviewing a video. However; racoon boy is about to go to group with other racoons, mice, rabbits, rats, hares, bears, and even lions. The racoon boy didn’t even respond at all, or something…

He went downstairs to have a talk with his foster mother… big lion was upset. “I didn’t even take anything from your room, I was just watching TV,” said the racoon boy. But big lion isn’t “buying” what the racoon boy just said, “you did took a barrel of chips from my room! You stole from a cub,–she needs them to eat during a long trip to the dentist, and back home.” “I didn’t take them, he yelled, “I was just watching TV.” The big lion has ordered racoon boy to go to his room, and get ready for group… Racoon boy walks upstairs with a frustration. Both of the lions were mad! They never experienced this issue before… it almost happen to me since a day ago. But I always keep my snacks secure with a secure format. Big bear… who is a big boy has discovered 2 drinks drank by racoon boy. However; racoons are born to prowl, and that’s natural for them because, they scavange for food.

Before I went to the food portal; I discovered racoon boy losing his temper. But big lion has yanked him up! Maybe she is trying to get him ready for group. But he didn’t even go to group; he didn’t budge on the sidewalk,–blocking traffic for the people who use the sidewalk.

As I came back; big lion has ordered racoon boy to go to his room because, he’s not allowed to watch TV. His priviliges has been revoked, his game time has been revoked, his mobile phone has been revoked, and his ability to get himself a snack has been revoked. However; a smaller lion has taken his breakfast a way to teach him a lesson since hours earlier… that racoon has started to cry over his lunch being taken… wait a minute! Is this a way to teach racoon boy a lesson? But I’m not sure if its right… what I just remembered, big lion has looked on her mobile phone; her cameras are just telling what exactly happened, well, I’m not sure if this video has a audio track to it… it it did, I can figure out what’s going on with lion cub’s barrel of chips. I had a set of barrels of chips available to offer to the pride who encountered a serious issue with racoon boy.

For some reason… my strategy has failed! And If I did got my barrel of chips, that will be a quick replacement.

I figured out these common flaws what this pride of lions hasn’t found just yet:

  • Money not being stored in a safe, but they don’t have a safe.
  • If you had a barrel of chips exposed on a dresser, or any place,–susceptible to be taken; it can be taken. closets with locks may be available,–unless you used them!
  • What I just suggested for the pride of lions to resolve racoon boy’s stealing habits is by getting a safe with a digital, or analog switch that will be to impossible to gain without a code, updating locations to keep items safe, and out of reach of a racoon boy… and sentence racoon boy to do tasks, fully revoke his priviliges, taking his toys away, taking his crayons/markers away from him for weeks, and only allowing 1 hour of time out of his room… just like inmates in prison, garnishing his allowance, revoking his priviliges of going on trips to any place, and more.

    However; big lion has already taken his internet priviliges away, but other flaws found in this house in the woods that is protected against illegal logging.

    My Thoughts

    I think racoon boy was following the Quran… most Islamic children often get themselves into trouble with non-Muslim foster parents. The Quran doesn’t make you immuned to the rules of a foster parent’s home! Maybe racoon boy has gone addictive to stealing items. This is the known addiction that’s been linked to legal troubles.

    I believe this racoon boy hasn’t learned a lesson just yet… but is it possible to get racoon boy to change his ways?

    However; in the wild; racoons do things what they naturally do. And there’s no way to turn the racoon around,–making it change its ways.

    CC BY-SA 4.0 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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