What Should I Host On My Website?

Many people started a website,–after they owned domains. They chosen a hosting company in question. And they wanted to build their website, but many people didn’t even understand! When you host a website, you think about how you wanted your site to be. Use your imagination! And think about what do you wanted to host. You can host a platform, service, website for users, forums, online communities, etc.

Some people have these common questions, regarding starting their website. These are the common questions what they may be asking:

  • Can I launch a website, and write a personal blog? – A personal blog is common for some people who write about their personal lives, interests, journals, thoughts, occasional fictional stories, product reviews, and other content.
  • Can I run my very own self-hosted video site without needing to use YouTube? – This is useful if you want to keep your videos remain intact, and use it as a powerful host to keep your videos uploaded on your own server.
  • Can I be a vendor for some people who wanted to run an online store? – Everyday… new online stores pop up on the internet, but some of these online stores has been linked to scams, or illegal items. Being a vendor is difficult, but if you can vend, always think twice… before you sell.
  • Can I run a website that enables anyone to launch a blog/site,–just like a free version of WordPress without needing a paid hosting service?
  • Can I run my very own ad network?
  • Can I run my very own music site?
  • Can I run my new social network site?
  • Can I run my own file-hosting site?
  • Can I run my own image-hosting site?
  • Or… can I host my very own text only website service for my users?

You can do anything with your website, but there are some laws you may need to comply around the USA, or around the world,–that excludes Sharia law because, we don’t support Sharia under any circumstances. However; you need to be very careful when hosting your website with any of these hosting companies. If you’re NOT careful… that may result your site being canceled, and land you in court. Many of these service providers has implemented terms to govern use of their services. Common policies are prohibition of production of child pornography, terrorism, rape, murder, animal crush videos, spank plots, child cruelty plots, threats, bullying, spanking, etc.

You’re A Star As You Own A Website

When you create a new website, you are a star!! You are on stage, you are the webmaster who is in charge of your show It’s your content, its your ideas, and its your experience. Your audience can’t come to your website without any content to consume.

Your website will not be informational/entertaining/educational if your site doesn’t have any content. Content what makes your website interesting. Like empty composition books… you create something new inside it. When you buy a book like this, you write something new in it. Unlike relying on prehosted sites via a search provider… you build a site from scratch, and you start writing. You needed to configure your website for any purpose what you wanted your website intended to be. For example; you chosen a VPS host plan to run your own video site for your videos to steer away from YouTube’s neglectful copyright systems, and provide exclusive content what you created yourself. Tomo News is the known news site with exclusive videos for their news articles.

Every website is different in shapes and sizes. Overtime; your website gets larger and larger as you publish something new! It’s kind of like filling up a library in just 30 days with your newly written books that are designed to entertain your viewers who wanted to see your newly written books. But your website resides in a server where other websites live. You start off with a shared hosting plan. You always start things off as a small website. If you were talented enough; you can write posts for your website, and publish them in a later date, and run it like a TV programming, and let other users know your website will publish content in the future. This is also useful if you have no time to publish new content because, you have to go to the church to run religious services, go to work, or go to your doctor’s appointment.

When you choose a domain… its kind of like titling a book, you choose a domain name that is unique and easy for you to memorize. You had a plan to monetize your website by placing ads, or paywalls that will support your website. You need to be comfortable with renewing your domain on a yearly basiss. This is necessary to keep your domain on its feet for the rest of the life. Your domain is kind of like your book what you author, you place your website inside a server what you hosted yourself, or by a company. People are most likely to host their own servers,–if they are comfortable with renting/buying buildings to manage data centers. In some cases; some people manage to choose a company to host servers for them.

Run A Personal Blog

If you were planning to run a personal blog on your website, plan on it when you start a blog. Whether if you are writing an author blog, a set of thoughts, a public speech, or a movie review. Some people write personal blogs for many things, but some people has been writing things that don’t belong on our blogging community. Writing blogs that focuses on suicide is a bad idea, but a blog that focus on suicide prevention is one way to prevent suicide. Bullies has been causing high levels of suicidal victims. And most schools didn’t even enforcing anti-bullying policies what you expected to. This is the known form of false advertising.

If you were using affiliate links to monetize your website; be sure to disclose them with a disclosure page on your website, and always place a nofollow tag to these links to any merchant. This is necessary to comply with the FTC guidelines.

Be careful with ad networks! Some ad networks has been illegally terminated accounts, and stole money that is supposed to be collected by publishers. Many ad providers has been involved in harsh policies that are vague in nature.

If you were planning to run a set of personal blogs for other users to run their own sites, you need to setup a multisite for your users,–unless you wanted to host a shared blog.

Run A Video Site

If you wanted to run a video site for your own videos… plan it out when you plan out how your videos will be playing, but don’t rely on DRM because, DRM can harm our planet.

And unlike YouTube… you keep control of your videos! You don’t need to worry about YouTube allowing copyfraudsters to take advantage of you. And unlike Vimeo… you don’t need to worry about vague terms either.

Yoou can allow users to watch your videos/movies for free when your site is supported by advertisements what you implemented yourself. You can host your own ads your way,–like an independent seller who sell ad slots where advertisers can place ads on your website with a desired price, or handled by a third party ad network. If this is the case, you may need to watch out for some people who were using ad-blocking programs. If this is a case, you may need to kindly ask your viewers to turn off ad-blocking extensions to support your website, or you can offer an ad-free subscription for ad-blocker users who wanted to keep ads off their screen. This is useful if you had a plan to keep your video site running.

Run An Image Hosting Site

If you were just running a large image hosting site; you may need to rely on lots of space for your website. You can charge for extra storage space for your users who upload images to your service. You can easily make some money with your service what you just hosted. But if you had ads posted on your site, you may need to implement a privacy notice to comply with local laws. But the catch is… child abuse imagery may be uploaded out of nowhere; you may need to hire special staff to help you remove these abusive images. Sex offenders often use these sites to distribute, produce, and trade child pornography. The National Center of Missing & Exploited Children has been trying to prevent children from being exploited by sex traffickers, slave traffickers, and other abusers.

Photo Bucket is the known photo hosting site. Other photo hosting sites are Flickr, Google Photos, and other services. You take a look of these sites to get an example of these services that work differently.

Run A File Hosting Service

If you were hosting a file-hosting service, you may need to be extra careful when hosting this service, you have to take serious actions when files are being hosted by you, and you need to rely on a community of users when they report abuse of your service. This is the most difficult way of handling high user volume. Most companies rely on employees to cope with high user volume.

Think about Google Drive, Drop Box, One Drive, iCloud, and other file hosting services. These examples will give you an idea how do these services work. However; some of these services has been turned off by the company,–due to bankruptcy, or turned off by our government. Mega Upload is the known service where files are hosted, but it was seized by the USA from Hong Konk. Many people has been trying to get their files back with a help via the EFF. Filestube is the another file hosting service that was turned off by our government. Some of these file hosting services has been targeted by government spying, and trackers. If you were hosting this service, you need to perform audits to keep users from abusing your services… most importantly; always support the EFF to help our electronic rights be protected against harm.

Run Your Own Hosting Service

Some people maintain their own servers, and rely on big buildings to host company data,and user data… This is common for some people who started hosting businesses. Most existing companies do this form of hosting. But some companies rely on a reseller hosting service that is easier for them. Handling lots of users is necessary to keep users happy, and their sites running.

Anything You Can Imagine!

The sky is the limit! You can combine lots of features of your site like a pro who wanted to make your website easy to use, and rely on. It takes lots of time to get lots of users who wanted to see your site.

Some people launch their own gaming services, and game communities. These communities are common for some gamers to gather together and show their gaming experience. However; gambling services where gambling is illegal are most likely to be turned off by the government.

As Always

When you create a new website… always plan it out first, and choose your hosting service what you want to use carefully! Be sure to check if they are suitable to support renewable fuels, and save our planet.

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