How Do I Run A Subscription-Based WordPress Site Targeted Towards Grown-Ups Without Sexual Content?

Okay, you have a general website that is a base website what you’ve currently run. However; you wanted to seperate 2 content types without effecting your audience who relies on your primary website. Well, there are 2 options when seperating content. However; you must be very careful when using certain hosting platforms.

Create A Subdomain For Your Content That Is Intended for Grown-Ups

If you have a hosting account with GreenGeeks, you can use CPanel to create a subdomain, you can also use other hosts who support subdomains.

This setup is one way to reduce costs, but you can still give your website a title like “Mermaid Ride Adventure” as your website for grown-ups.

You can add a subscription-based revenue stream to your website, and this is usually necessary for people to pay for grown-up content. Well your content doesn’t have to be erotic. You can keep your content as conservative as possible. However; if you tone it down further; your content will not effect your hosting platform. Well, this is typical for some people who wanted to subscribe to your other content what you write yourself, or you have a hired writer who manage content like this.

If you have a VPS; you must have your grown-up content locked down as a way to prevent children from viewing content. If your content has no sexualized content, and you keep it this way; you can still make revenue.

If you have ads that are running, and you have members viewing your ads when subscribed, your redundant revenue stream can enable you to have extra money to spend on expenses like running your website. This is useful if you wanted to have a dual revenue stream.

Your TOS page must state your website is only intended for grown-ups who use your website, this is necessary for your audience to become members who are at least 18 years or older. Typically, your TOS page can have anything in it.

When publishing your content; consider the following guidelines:

Don’t Publish Child Pornography

Avoid publishing this kind of content. That prevents you from getting into legal troubles like most internet users who have high addiction to pornography. You also discourage users from using your website for distributing illegal content like this.

Don’t Publish Pornography

Don’t publish pornography, hosting platforms don’t support this kind of content. Instead; publishing entertaining content that exclude sexual activities. For this instance, a conservative version of content only for grown-ups. If your content feature mermaids, be very careful when writing content on your website.

Avoid Posting Erotic Images

For everyone’s safety, don’t post erotic images. Instead; write a separate book for your content. you can also enable your users to get your book from your exclusive store where your books are sold. This is useful if you wanted to provide content for your audience who are subscribers.

If you have exclusive content for your subscribers… such as fine art; you can post this content instead. For this instance; a person riding a mermaid at sea.

Buy A Separate Domain

This is the another method of sorting content for your audience. However; you can easily lock down your content that is only targeted towards adults who wanted to read your content. However; this method is useful for keeping your other website free of adult content, and it can make it easier for your audience to subscribe to your content. Don’t be overwelmed by other adult content writers who add sex and other dirty content. However; If your content has no sexual content, and your content has no erotica; your content is toned down. If you keep your content this way; your audience will stick with your content.


Google AdSense doesn’t support adult content. Most payment platforms don’t support adult content. If this is the case, check with your payments platform for more information when monetizing your content. If you rely on cryptocurrencies; you can monetize your content with this format. However; your content must be toned down as possible.

If you were relying on a monthly subscription method, set it as a pre-paid option to pay for subscriptions as a manual way for renewing memberships. If you have subscribers who wanted to see new content; have a schedule… like weekly, or daily. If you chose weekly, and you publish your content in the future, and you rely on this method; your customers may encounter your content in the future.

Requirements For This Content

Post A Disclaimer Page

If your content is only designed for entertaing purposes; post your disclaimer to let your users know about your content. That may prevent liabilities in the future.

Membership Requirements

This is useful if you wanted to keep children away from your website. You can really lock down your content for adults to subscribe to. For this instance, you have exclusive content that is available for your subscribers.

With this strategy; you can earn revenue without displaying ads. You can also display some content that is mainly available for people who wanted to see your preview of your content. However; your content can be viewed by anyone on the internet, but you can always place subscription prompts on each post. Having content only for subscription is one key to keep children out. The more subscriptions you have; the more your audience grows.

If people sign up for your service; you can make it mandatory to subscribe. However; you can restrict features that are only for your members. Having members subscribing to your content, and pay for your content is key to seperate your free content for everyone, and adult content that is paid.

Privacy Policy

This is a page what you must implement as a way to comply with privacy laws around the world. Typically, this is a best practice when you were handling users in huge amounts. If you only allow a handful of members; you can use this strategy to protect their privacy.

If you chose to use a shared server:

If your base website is located on a VPS for serving self-hosted ads via a subdomain; and your second domain resides on a shared server; you can use this shared server only for subscribers who subscribe to your content. However; your website must have enough power to handle this setup. However; your base website can be separate from your other domain. However; for some hosts like Bluehost, they don’t allow adult content on their servers when using shared hosting. There are some hosts who support adult content.

When using a shared server, tone it down as possible. That also reducing guns, and other items that are NOT suitable for certain communities. Well, if your content focuses on fighting zombies; always place a disclaimer on your page.

If you toned down your content to the point being free of dirty content; your content will be left intact.

If you have a separate Server:

Do the same as above.

If you use a managed WordPress Hosting Platform

If you were using a managed WordPress hosting platform like WPEngine, always go for a expensive option, but check if they support your content.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Your content; if you were migrating from Blogger, be sure to confirm if your posts aren’t deleted by Blogger. Blogger is known to prevent anyone from monetizing your adult content.
  • A domain name (recommended), you need to run a separate website for your adult content.
  • Membership levels, this is necessary for your website to be locked down. You can always start it off with a free tier as a way for your users to get started. Or keep it paid altogether.
  • A payment handler, you need a payment handler who will handle your payments, or accept checks as an alternative.
  • Pricing strategy, strategically price your membership levels. Don’t gouge prices. Price gouging is illegal.
  • SSL certificates to protect website data and traffic.
  • Bank account, you need a bank account for holding funds after receiving your revenue.
  • Your imagination, create interesting and unique content.
  • Logo (optional)


It’s okay to own 2 domains, and run them on your own server. This is useful if you wanted to have other people consume content on your other website. Well, I am planning on implementing this strategy, and make an experiment. However; this experiment what I am making hasn’t been started just yet. If I can make this experiment in the future, I’ll be posting this update later on on the next post.

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