Chromevox Magic: Use Search-M to open acontext menu when using CPanel via GreenGeeks

You still don’t wondering you still have trouble opening a file on your CPanel via your hosting account via GreenGeeks.

There’s no trusted visual person available for you to enable you to work with this interface via this control panel.

However, there’s a magic trick to go around this issue. That applies to using a newer version of Chromevox on a Chromebook.

The Trick

If you had a Chromebook, and you are using Chromevox the command Search-M opens the menu for selecting an option. This is a useful tool if you wanted to edit a file, rename a folder/file, or move files/folders.

Here’s how to do this trick:

If Chromevox is on… Go to, and sign into your account. If Chromevox is not activated, press Ctrl-Alt-Z to activate it.

Activate the CPanel Login button. It will open in a new window. You can also login directly by typing a colon,–then a number “2083 as a traditional way to login,–without needing to use a quick login.

Go to files, or something similar.

Explore your files directory for your website.

If you were just creating a static site that is going to be a virtual arcade of interactive fiction games with text-based content… Create a folder, and create new files.

If you want to open a file to edit, press Search-M, and choose edit with the arrow keys, and then press enter.

Edit your file with your liking.

This hidden magic trick is useful to edit your files without any effort.

Thoughts with this trick:

My thought of doing this magic trick with Chromevox… is kind of like gaining my independence of hosting my website without visual assistance. That reduces expensive visual persons who you trust.

This is useful if you were just compiling this simple html site with interactive fiction games, just like what I mentioned with this previous article.

Now you can just build your html-based site for your projects that can be fun for your website visitors who were interested in playing games.

If you are a blind website owner, it’s strongly start off with a shared hosting service via GreenGeeks because, it’s an only cheap hosting available. If you were about to monetize your website, choose a reputable ad network, or rely on donations. I’ve strongly recommend Viglink because, it’s easier, and its a backup monetization program for your website. This is useful… if you discovered your AdSense account terminated illegally.

Since your static site is kind of like a static book, you can update these files,–if you want to.

Did You Know:

Chromevox running via an Acer C7 Chromebook is susceptible to stalling when writing superlarge html files. Since Chromebooks with 2 GB of ram are susceptible to stalling, and crashes when Chromevox was used for editing large html files via a legacy editor.

Blind Chromebook users are missing out on choosing hosting services. That’s why blind people rely on free hosting services as a first road to start making sites from scratch via a ready-made web platforms that are free. Blogger is the known free blogging platform.

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