Website Owners & Their Therapy Animals

Some website owners have therapy animals… most therapy animals help website owners cope with abusive incidents since years ago. This is why our society appears to be broken! Most therapy animals reduce possible affects of common psychieatric issues, depression, etc.

Website owners are most likely to lose focus when developing common types of sites, such as: gaming sites, video sites, image galleries, forums, and more. That’s why there are too many people who own therapy animals.


Many webmasters who own websites rely on shared-hosting as a cheap alternative to VPS hosting. GreenGeeks for instance only has a shared-hosting plan that is cheaper. That enable therapy animal owners to take responsibility of feeding, grooming, caring, and other important expenses. However; some website owners has moved away from apartments to renting/buying their own homes to rely on dedicated resources to enable their animals to get larger spaces to run freely. Common animals used for therapy are: cats, dogs, rats, mice, rabbits, miniature horses, cattle, pigs, ducks, chickens, turkeys, turtles, tortoises, hedgehogs, snakes, iguanas, and more.

Let’s Dig Deeper!

Usually, webmasters who were suffering endless depression after abuse, neglect, and other factors in disfunctional families. A parent who is responsible for an abusive behavior should be placed on a child-abuser database as a way to prevent further abuse, rulles in families are dangerous because, parents often spank, beat, deprive, defraud, restrain, and treat children like slaves. In the USA; loopholes has been exploited to prevent abusers from going to prison for spanking children. Spanking a child should be illegal, and it should be banned because, parents has been falsifyig how their children are raised!

Untold, abuse has been spreading like a virus! And there’s no way to stop it.

Many webmasters has been getting help from mental hospitals to bring all of the abuse to light.

Therapy Cats

Depending on breeds of cats… some therapy cat owners prefer smaller animals, or as an alternative to therapy dogs because, a person may have fear of dogs, or a dog bite victim, or he/she lives in area where dog ownership is prohibited/limited/regulated. Since cats are quieter than a dog’s bark, cats are sometimes trained to help autistic webmasters who were the victims of abuse, neglect, deprivation, spanking, violence, bullying, and more. Sometimes therapy cats can outsmart an average dog. For example; detecting seizures, and other issues. Any breed of cat will do for people who prefer therapy cats.

In some countries… cats are mostly prefered because, they don’t take up space like dogs. Some mosques have kitties, if they do because, they claimed dogs are scavengers. If you live in a city where people don’t own dogs, you only see people who own cats and other animals.

Therapy Dogs

Therapy dogs are common in some countries. They can go any sorts of things to help people who have mental problems. Webmasters who own these animals are most likely to write blogs about their dogs helping them recover from depression and other issues. The catch is; dogs are usually noisy than cats,–just like what I mentioned above. Dogs take more space, and more resources because, you needed supplies to walk your dog, and other tasks. Therapy dogs can be located at hospitals, halfway houses, and other places, including hospices!

In order for a dog to be a therapy animal, it must meet all of the training requirements. No dog should be spanked under any circumstances. Therapy dog owners must be kind of his/her dog too.

In order to have a therapy dog, you must have a large enough house, or a large enough apartment. You must also make your place resistant to dogs.

These are 2 examples above.

Website owners who own animals must stay away from the following:

  • Spanking children – in some countries, its illegal to spank children. If you were involved in spanking children… you must stop it now via an order of your physician, local/federal court order, or via an involluntary basis. This is necessary to prevent cruelty against animals. Therapy animals should never be hit for anything under any circumstances. Think about an elephant with a mahout, a mahout whoo relies on cruel ways to train elephants is susceptible to being killed by his/her own beast.
  • Violence – webmasters should stay away from violence when they own therapy animals.
  • Gun ownership – website owners should stay away from owning guns, and other weapons because, this is necessary to prevent website owners from committing suicide. Placing a webmaster under a suicide watch is necessary to prevent webmasters from killing themselves.

So, how do webmasters know when to take responsibility with their animals?

Usually, important items go first… bills to pay, animals to feed, and other important elements. Depending on where you live, and what kind of an animal what you own as a therapy animal… it can vary. Animals and bills always go first, then your website via a shared-hosting plan. Saving your remaining money via cents into your jar, or deposited to your banking account. If you wanted to keep your website running without any trouble… follow these steps:

  1. Varify if you have enough funds in your banking account,–after you paid off expenses for your therapy animals, and other bills. If you had a savings account; check if you have enough funds to pay your hosting bill. If you don’t have enough… check your invoice to varify if you had a same bill that is a fixed amount,–if you were relying on any shared-hosting plan. If you rely on a passive form of monetization… such as a subscription service… check your online payment account to varify if your money is sent to you. If you were relying on PayPal, or other payment service, be sure to varify if your funds are sent to you.
  2. Take a look of your bill carefully, and always use caution when paying your bills online. Always use aniti-malware programs for your PC, and other devices.
  3. After viewing your bill, pay it before you do any other activities. That’s very important to keep yourself from falling into debt. If you were using a credit card, using it sparingly!
  4. After you paid your bill for hosting your website, be sure to save the rest of your money in your banking account. If you were just saving the rest of your funds… be sure to protect your funds from theft and fraud.
  5. Repeat the cycle, and be sure to watch out for scammers.

Here are these common mistakes what webmasters who have therapy animal do:

  • Webmasters failing to care for their animals – caring for your therapy animals is important because, like children… you have to provide them food, shelter, and activities. For example; a depressed woman who has a recent criminal record of shoplifting a blind person’s store has caused a blind person to recover all of the losses caused by shoplifters involved. He owns a ride-on “seeing-eye” cat, Lina. Lina is also a therapy cat because, a blind person has been abused by his family, and there’s no way to find the another family without violence. He also relies on SSI for paying for personal expenses. He also runs a website. He does care for his therapy animal because, he learned a lesson from a fraudster who deprived his animals food. This is one example of animal cruelty.
  • Webmasters gambling in casinos or any gambling locations – gambling is only for people who have at least $4000 in their bank account. If you have bills to pay, and your animal to feed; always save money. For example; a depressed woman rides her therapy rat, Raynah. Raynah is a fancy white rat with a pink tail, and she wears a diaper with an anti-abuse message, and she’s a certified therapy animal who is trained by a woman she goes to a casino to gamble only on Fridays, but she only does it when she has at least $7000 in her account. She relies on a reputable ad network who cares about website-owners who wanted to monetize content. Raynah alerts her owner when she is bullied or have her property stolen. Since she’s a therapy rat, extermination services are prohibited from entering her property.
  • Webmasters failing to pay hosting bills,–causing hosting companies to lose profit, and file for bankruptcy. – This is common for most small businesses who were susceptible to fraud, and lack of payment.

If you were just hosting your website, and you don’t have any ads, you can implement a donate button, or publish books to support funding of your website. Watch out when using PayPal, your funds can be frozen without a valid reason, or warrant, or investigation. Stripe is an only alternative to PayPal. In order to use Stripe, you must have an SSL certificate installed on your server. But sadly, there’s no such special SSL programs for people who own therapy animals.

If you were relying on ad networks… be sure to choose a reputable ad network who care about anyone who is disabled, or own therapy animals. If you can host your own ads yourself… be sure to implement policies to keep your monetization method in good standing.

Try to keep writing new content for your website, you can publish your content via a llater date, and let your website do the rest of the work after that. This is useful if you wanted to publish your content about a yer later, or in the future,–beyond 4 years.

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