Dream Journalists and the Attack of the Trolls

Many dream journalists may have dreams that references to fictional characters, fictional places, movies made by people, books written by authors, music written by artists, and TV shows wcreated by everyday people around the world. But many of these corporations has been attacking dream blogs,–wrongfully shutting them down. This is kind of an issue for some people who wanted to share their dreams what they had each night, or historic dreams from a long time ago.

Many corporations has been complained about their fictional characters being used on anyone’s dream blogs, usually, dream blog content. Crying over your characters that are being used on a dream blog makes it worse for your creators who were making content for your company, or organization. Many of these original creators has been whining over their characters being used on anyone’s dream blogs,–at this case… your dream blog has a reference to a fictional place where you interacted with a cartoon character what you dreamed of. However; your site don’t have any ads because, your dream blog is kind of like your thoughts from your dream what you had last night.


Dream journals used to be a paper-based journal, but now these days; dream blogs are now popping up online. Dream diaries, what they are usually are… are common for some people who wanted to share their dreams to our world. However; I didn’t start a dream journal just yet because, I have to take some time for my site to be ready for some people to read my work. Dream journals without ads, but a donate button enables website owners to keep their blogs running online.

Some dream blogs are just generic, and some dream blogs are referenced. For example: You had a dream of my character who is a goose, and you referenced it within your post. This is common when people has read a story about your dream that is kind of unique.

Watch Out! Trolls Are Going To Attack

Copyright owners, trademark owners, and other intellectual property owners has been WHINING about their fictional characters being used! But crying and whining over your intellectual property makes it worse for you. Dream journalists are the prime target of unlawful silencing by greedy corporations who were involved. If you are a dream journalist; you are mostly at risk of being silenced with fraudulent takedown notices, seize orders that are designed to steal your credit card information, and other worse factors… trolls who often attack dream blogs may be liable for their damaging acts. And sometimes, a troll who is involved may lose their copyrights, trademarks, and other items.

When writing your dream journal… always write a powerful disclaimer, or you can explain to your readers about your dream journal. Greedy corporations are NOT immuned to laws that protect our freedom! Many of these corporations has attacked the dream journalists around the world. But NOT even one law that prevent attacks from happening.

The way how trolls attack the dream journalists are the following:

  • Seize notices that are designed to threaten you to pay a corporation for damages that are fraudulent in nature,–skimming your debit/credit card without warning. This is common via these law firms that are greedy.
  • Fraudulent copyright notices that are dangerous.
  • Extortion that can be lurking.
  • Corporation flooding your mailbox,–trying to defraud you, or steal your banking account.
  • And other attacks.
  • My thoughts of attacking the dream journalists is kind of like terrorism, and its bad for our dreaming society. This being a troll is bad, and you can be in serious trouble. If I were a dream blogger/journalist… I take extra caution, but I believe some corporations are getting greedy than they used to be since a long time ago.

    Everyday, I believe 22 dream journals are attacked by greedy trolls. But these greedy trolls who were rich doesn’t make them immuned to corporate accountability, and other factors.

    What You Should Do?

    If you are a corporation/individual who creates something new each day; leave the dream journalists be, and let them write peacefully. Your revenue what you make with your content, fictional character, movie, TV show, or anything will NOT go anywhere. Money doesn’t grow on trees, you need to pay taxes when you are making money with your content. Dream journalists have rights what you should respect, let them write in peace, let them share their dreams with their friends, let them implement donation buttons, and let them have fun. If you sent them takedown notices… you are bullying them, and you will be liable for infringing their freedoms. Here are these other tips you should consider when dealing with dream journalists:

    • Don’t send them seize notices… if your notices has been flagged for abuse, and the dream blogger discovers something is NOT right; you will be liable for damages. Be calm, and focus on your new projects. If your copyrights are about to expire, or their overdue to expire, some of your work may need to be placed in the public domain library.
    • Don’t cry over your fictional characters being used on their dream journal blogs online. There’s nothing wrong with your trademarks, and other rights to your fictional characters. If you had a donate button on your website,–encourage anyone to make a donation when their characters are referenced by any dream journalists.
    • Never EVER abuse any legal system to shut off dream journalists. That can lead you to serious trouble.
    • No matter how frustrated you are… you should NEVER EVER threaten a dream journalist under any circumstances, if you want to remind any dream journalists to do them a favor; please let them know what they need to do. But don’t threaten them to take down content because, this is bad, and that’s being greedy, and selfish! If you don’t share… your reputation will go down the drain.

    If you are a dedicated host who runs a hosting service for any user to share their dream blogs/journals, encourage them to be cautious about their content what they’re writing about. Always be on a lookout for possible signs of threats that are dangerous. If you suspected your community is under attack, get help immediately. Stop the corporate greed, and eliminate selfish entities.

    If you are a dream journalist, you may need to protect yourself against these harmful trolls who were responsible for fraud, extortion, and other crimes.

    CC BY-SA 4.0 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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