WordPress Multisite Owners & The Attack of the Harmful Substances… Such As Alcohol

Everyday, high school students has been making decisions when starting to make a website, and start a blog, service, or store. But many of the webmasters has been wiped out,–due to DUI caused by a drunk driver, or end up in prison for DUI. Some webmasters didn’t even understand! You should avoid harmful substances at all costs.

Example Factors

Imagine you were just a webmaster who is so successful,–writing a large multisite via WordPress, and you were staying away from alcohol. You don’t want to support the liquor industry because, you don’t want to take responsibility of drinking these bad stuff, and you prefer NOT to drink any alcohol.

You went to the restaurant one evening, and you were just getting ready to have a tea party as an alternative to going to the bar for a glass of whiskey. You asked your waiter/waitress to keep people from spiking your drink with alcohol, and prevent people from spitting into your food. He/She responded to your request… but your friend has started to go after you to trick you to drink alcohol, but you are protected against being spoofed by anyone. This cafe has a restriction against spiking someone’s drink and spitting into anyone’s food.

You enjoyed your dinner, but you discovered some of your friends who were drinking. But they didn’t know they’re under the age of 21! But they had their music loud, and their just having a party that is NOT a party at all.

You went home at 20:00. And you about to wait for your friends to come to your home for a sleepover. But you heard something that is not right… and you discovered a crash at the road what you just exited earlier. You dialed an emergency number to report a crash.

The police, the fire department, and the EMS has arrived at the accident scene! You discovered bottles of alcohol rolling out of the driver seat, and the drunk man who was involved. They’re you’re friends who were also refusing to drink, but some of your friends who own a website has drank alcohol earlier.

The policeman/policewoman is conducting a field sobriety test.

The person who is involved was tested true for alcohol with a BAC of 0.22. He was being arrested and moved to the back of a police car, and off they go! To the jail,–just like that.

These victims has been shipped to the hospital, but which ones are able to be recover?

Many families has been torn up by a drunk driver in question.

Your friends has left their website behind… maybe one of your friends has been wiped out! Your enemy who is a drunk driver is in jail all right, but he’s going to be taken to court for his crime.

Your enemy was convicted of drunk driving or DUI,–being sentenced to life behind bars for murder,–caused by DUI. Your friends who own websites has been taken over by parents and companies!

If You were Been Drinking Alcohol

You may lose your ability to work with your website, and pay for your hosting services. Purchasing alcohol is NOT a good thing to do. You need to be extra careful when you make a decision to drink alcohol. If you wanted to keep yourself safe when working with your website… always stay away from alcohol.

What You Should Do?

Don’t do any business with any of the places where alcohol is sold.

When you were hosting your website, never drink alcohol under any circumstances.

Always watch educational videos about why alcohol should NOT be consumed by anyone.

Don’t let anyone spike your drink with any kind of an alcoholic beverage.

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