[FAQ] I Rely On Multiple Ad Networks… Should I Use AdRotate or Revive Ad Server?

Okay, I’m currently ditching AdRotate because, I am upgrading my WordPress multisite as a way to make it easier to manage ads from a central subdomain of my website. Some people has thought using AdRotate or Revive Ad Server as a way to monetize content on their website. However; these programs for your website has limitations, or require to install plugins as a way to add functionality.

Handing Multiple Ad Networks

Although; you rely on multiple ad networks like Google Ad Sense, and other ad networks. Having too much ads on your website can slow down your website’s time to load.

If you only rely on one ad network, and you were dependent on it, and you rely on it for a long time; you miss out other ad networks.

If you were using Header and Footer for placing ad codes above and below your post content, you can use 2 ad networks at the same time. This redundant form of monetization is key to keep your income of your website active. However; ad networks do go out of business, and you may need to remove ad code after an ad provider went out of business. It can be messy for certain content like HTML-based text-based games that use linked pages to play games like a gamebook. It can be a messy job for you to manage these ads each day, and you must note which pages has these ads replaced.


AdRotate is a plugin that enables you to manage ads from each of your WordPress multisite dashboard. This is known to some people who rely on this plugin. However; this plugin has to be updated to get the best security updates. Well, your website can still slow down, and you must handle these ads like a person who manage expired ads, and you need to rely on these ads that are designed to swap between pageloads. If you use dynamic mode,–enabling your ads to rotate like a carousel. you must choose which group should be used for this application.

There’s no central way to handle your ads that are designed to be managed by an advertiser who posted an ad. This is required for a website owner to manage ads like a person who runs a shop. However; if you have advertisers who are users who rely on your advertising service… you must enable an advertiser to update ades like usual.

Revive Ad Server

This is my new way to manage ads from a central subdomain. This is necessary for my website to have a centralized version of monetizing my content. This is also useful if I want to handle affiliate banners, and other ads what I host on my server. This is useful if I wanted to use various ad networks that are useful for monetization.

This software runs outside of WordPress, and it relies on plugins that will work with a different form. However; this base software can run out of a box. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a payment facility, and I must find a way to set it up myself.

What’s speacial about this software; you can run your ads, and manage them via a central subdomain, or a dedicated website where ads care served to users who visit websites with content that is free. I don’t need to be dependent on 1 ad network. I can use multiples via a central location of my website.

You may need to use Revive Ad Server if you have these following:

  • A text-based games with links that link to each page, like a gamebook.
  • A WordPress multisite with various topics
  • Search pages with a search box
  • HTML websites with static content that requires less updating
  • Wiki sites
  • Forums
  • Social Networks
  • Hosting platforms that are ad supported
  • SAAS products


You should always choose which ad managing software wisely, and you must get started with managing your own ads as a way to monetize your content without relying on ad networks.

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