[FAQ] Why Should I Use A “Connect To Server” Functionality On My Ubuntu Computer?

Although; you host a website, and you are developer who develop text-adventure games like I do, and you were just wondering about why developing your games what you make must be uploaded to your server what you have account with a hosting company. Despite ease of use; you can easily upload your files in bulk,–without needing to upload your files through CPanel or other graphical interfaces. Typically, your Ubuntu machine, or any other Linux machine has this function out of a box. With Windows… you must find software to get this functionality.

With Ubuntu Linux; you can easily upload your entire folder of your text-adventure game without needing to zip and unzip your folders. This is necessary to help reduce time, and enable your users to use your service without needing to take your folders offline. If you were a person who make videos and publish to your website via a virtual private server; and you make content for other people to consume, you need to connect to your server.

Connecting To Your Server With File Manager

To connect to your server; follow these steps:

  1. Open “Files” on your machine.
  2. Open the “File” menu.
  3. Choose “Connect To Server” and press enter.
  4. Fill in your server URL field when connecting to your online server via a hosting platform.
  5. Fill in the require fields.
  6. Connect to your server, your files displayed in your server will open in a new window.
  7. Uses

    You can use this feature to upload products, ebooks, music, movies, and other content what you create yourself.

    When you use this feature; you are relying on few software, and you don’t need to use Filezilla, and other third party FTP programs. With Windows; you must use third party software.

    Using Ubuntu as your everyday driver for your machine is important to keep malware at bay.

    This is useful if you wanted to fix problems,–if using CPanel isn’t possible.

    You can use this feature to manage your media server, your file server, and other servers what you currently own at home, or any other use.

    This is useful if you wanted to store files on other servers, upload games for users to play, etc.

    This feature is easy to use, and you can use it to quickly upload your text-adventure game for your users to play and have fun.

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