[FAQ] Why Won’t GreenGeeks Offer Free Hosting Packages When I’m Unbanked?

Typically; GreenGeeks only have paid hosting packages. Since GreenGeeks rely on paywalls instead of advertisements to host their platform. However; this is a major drawback for people who were unbanked,–living from one check to the another. GreenGeeks doesn’t offer payment by check for people who were unbanked. Now these days; we have to provide valid info when opening bank accounts because, they’ve implemented efforts to prevent money laundering, terrorism financing, and other serious factors. Ditching check payments are not to blame when you were unbanked!

Speaking about GreenGeeks; and lack of supporting check payments is common when a company prefers electronic payments over checks. Typically; GreenGeeks relies on a green methods of receiving payments. If you were sending a check to other hosting companies to pay bills; this is common. However; GreenGeeks don’t take checks because, it takes a tree to make lots of checks for us to make payments; and receive payments. Like other companies who were green in nature; they use less paper, or go paperless altogether. Within my experience; I rely on a payment platform to pay for goods and services monthly. If you were unbanked; you don’t have any banking accounts! That causes you to miss out on these following perks:

  • Use PayPal – if you want to use paypal; you must have a bank account to varify your account.
  • Pay Electronically – this is a modern way to pay for goods and services.

GreenGeeks doesn’t rely on check payments because, what we just mentioned earlier; it takes a tree to make a check.

If you were using an alternative form of a bank… like a pre-paid debit card; you can pay for goods and services. Unbanked communities rely on alternative services to keep up with a modern world. For this instance; you have a normal job, and you rely on your debit card hosted by a digital bank like Green Dot Bank; your debit card may be hosted by Walmart; Target; CVS; or any other store-hosted services. If you were relying on these hosts; they have maximum capacity set per each card. Before I have a real bank account; I used a Walmart Money Card to pay for goods and services. I started off as unbanked. And I finally got a banking account via a local bank.

Some people who were oldschool aren’t able to use GreenGeeks because, check payments aren’t supported. Maybe some people dislike banking with big banks who charge fees, and in some cases, fail!

Some people who were relying on cash to pay for goods and services are most likely missing out on GreenGeeks because, there’s no local office to visit in your local neighborhood. If you were extremely unbanked; you are really missing out!

Bank accounts are required to pay for goods and services online.

If you were using other alternative banking institutions for the unbanked; they charge fees,–unless you have a balance greater than $500.

Since GreenGeeks don’t offer free hosting packages; choosing a free hosting platform like Blogger, or a free version of WordPress hosted by a company is a starting point for the unbanked. They do all of the hosting for you, but you must check their TOS page before using their platform. However; you can monetize your website hosted by these companies because, you can make some money.

That’s why GreenGeeks has a different approach of providing hosting services for our world. You can still run a website while you’re unbanked!

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