Should I Place Ads On My Online Dream Journal Or Implement A Donation Link?

Many dream journalists are choosing if they wanted to implement ads on their dream journal, but some dream journalists prefered to use a donation button as a way for their visitors to support their blogs. But some dream journalists were scared of trolls who were causing issues with their dream blogs online!

If your dream blog has content what you created yourself… you may implement ads on your website. But always avoid publishing erotic content because, most ad networks don’t allow erotic dream bloggers use their ad networks to monetize erotic content; this is a common issue with ad networks who discriminate content creators. However’ if you were using a blogging platform like Blogger, you need to be very careful when placing ads on your blog. If you were using a self-hosted version of WordPress, you can use plugins that will enable you to disable ads from certain posts. This is useful if you wanted to have ads be shown on your dream blog. Although; you can host your own ads on your own server, but you have to be careful which service you offer for your advertisers who wanted to promote their product or services.


If You Are Using A Third Party Blogging Platform

Almost all blogging platforms,–free or paid platforms can enable you to run a dream blog with your dreams what you had during the past, or future. These blogging platforms are hosted by a search engine provider, an independent company, an independent social network, and more. For this instance: Blogger is owned by Google Inc,–after it was launched by a previous owner. Google has bought this platform because, they had an idea for this service. If you are using a Google account; you already had Blogger integrated with your account. Like a connection to your account; you can go to this service by logging in. And you don’t need to pay for this service,–unless you wanted to by a domain what you wanted to rely on,–instead of a “” URL. Google AdSense is already hardwired to your blog,–if you signed up for this account there. But some people wanted to use a different ad network.

If You Are Using Blogger

You can create a dynamic blog, or a dedicated blog for your dream blog. But If you are implementing ads on one your post; be sure to assess if your post content doesn’t have any references to any content that don’t belong to you. If you created content yourself, and you are a creator of this content; you may implement ads. Alternatively, you can add a donation link on your website. This is useful if ad networks don’t work for you.

Why you should have a dedicated blog for your dream blog?

  • Dedicated blogs where your dream journals are easy to manage, and its easier for you to keep track of your dreams.
  • Prevent clutter, and other issues with your dream topics.
  • You can enable visitors to visit your dream blog without distraction of other content what you write.
  • Dream followers are most likely to read your dreams what you had for many years.

If you were using your own server to run your blog

Like Blogger… what we mentioned above, you can do the same,–however; you had full control of your content by 100%; depending on your hosting provider who is here with you. You can systematically keep ads away from certaincontent,–if your content is not suitable for children/family.

Some people write dream blogs that only focus on erotica, but most ad providers don’t allow erotic content to have ads embedded. There’s no such ad network that is dedicated to handle erotic ads. Most erotic writers worked around this restriction is by publishing books to support their blogs, and use a VPS hosting service that is strategically programmed to keep children from viewing adult sites.

If you had a multisite like I have; you can sort your dream blog into sections via a dedicated blog. You can sort between subjects that are dedicated to your dream types, and you can write other content that will impress your visitors.

It’s always a good idea to stick with donations for your dream journal because, most trolls attack dream journals without warnings. That can range from fraudulent lawsuits, legal threats, and other threats.

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