WordPress Multisite Owners and the Attack of the Suicidal Website Owners

Many Website owners who own websites are NOT sure why some of their users are NOT updating their websites, and writing something new, but some of these websites/blogs has been rigged with suicidal thoughts that are dangerous. Suicidal bloggers has been writing online threats of suicide, or self-harm is common when these sites were abandoned after someone has attempted suicide,–or committed suicide.

Everyday, psych hospitals gets an input of suicidal patients who were on a permanent suicide watch that is indeed strict because, this is necessary for the safety of the patients who were suicidal. Victims of abuse, neglect, spanking, and other violence is common in the USA, and other countries. If you were just planning an emergency plan, and look up which psych hospital is right for the patient. In common, mental hospitals has this feature that prevent patients from attacking other patients.

If you think suicidal webmasters are the problem; link to the anti-suicide websites, and provide instructions to report suspected suicidal websites/blogs. Many psych nurses are at work,–stopping suicidal patients,–after they arrived in the ER via an ambulance, or an ambulance bus that is shipping suicidal patients in bulk.


So, let’s stay alive, and find other activities that will prevent suicide, and find therapy groups, and lock away all knives, and other equipment that may be used for self-harm, or suicide. And let’s keep all suicidal websites out of our internet, and encourage these victims of bullying, abuse, neglect, and other violence to stay alive because, life what matters!

The Problem

You were just enjoying providing services for your users around the world, making money with your advertisements what you sell on your websites, and sometimes… you had a subscription service that is designed to enable you to have a passive income on your own site, you were just paying your taxes like a responsible person in the US, UK, or Austrailia. You had many victims who started new sites that promotes anti-spanking, anti-bullying, anti-abuse, anti-rape, anti-suicide, and other activism-based websites. They are staying alive because, they took the following:

  • Going to therapy groups
  • Normal visits to psych hospitals to help fix issues with your mental health
  • Meditation
  • Joining communities where spanking is NOT allowed (or prohibited with federal laws in some countries like newer countries where took part to put an end to spanking)
  • Staying away from violence

Something Went Wrong

Once there was a child who spanked by a parent, and a child has ran away because, this punishment is cruel, and the child got help from the law enforcement. The mother or father,–or even a brother, or a sister, or even an aunt, or an uncle has been arrested for child cruelty, and the child was taken to a foster home where spanking is officially prohibited altogether. This child has stayed alive because life what matters.

However; this child is lucky to be raised in a new family,–due to her wish. And her wish has made national headlines. Her wish was so viral; that lead to a new law that outlawed spanking for good!

One of her family members has been accused of spanking, and beating a child over a bad report card, he/she was locked up without bond,–until trial.

The person who was involved was found guilty of his/her wrongful acts against his/her child, and she was convicted of her crimes what she committed, she was sent to prison for 10 years to teach her a lesson, and the rules within this family has been condemned.

After time behind bars, she discovered a child owning a website, but this child is just writing a fictional story, and her foster parent has treated her like a child who wanted to be raised without violence. A therapy rat was issued to a child to prevent her from going suicidal. But the foster parent is about to adopt this child because, she has a goal to steer children away from abuse too. However; a secondary therapy rabbit prevents the foster parent from going suicidal because, she was a victim of abuse once. And she made a major rule that prohibits spanking from happening in her family. That caused some of her children to be treated without violence,–establishing a difference for them. But most of them are issued with a companion animal that is suitable for them.

However; a suicidal mother who wanted a child back has gone out of control! She was so angry because, that child has escaped from home,–not serving her punishment. A kind neighbor has taught other children a lesson about this parent.

Suddenly, A child’s biological parent has started to commit suicide… and she didn’t know she lost her homebecause, she was sent behind bars for her crime, and she can’t spank 1 child because, she was ordered NOT to spank a child for life, and banned her entire family tree from ever spanking children. That caused some censorship of some content to take effect. Many anti-spanking activists has cheered because, children will be protected at all costs. Children have rights too!

Suddenly, a webmaster has discovered a blog that contain the child’s biological parent’s content that has all of these giant threatening suicidal thoughts. Most of these thoughts have “bad” words, bad images, and other content that promotes suicidal messages.

The Webmaster has contacted the anti-suicide service, and reported the website. And the webmaster has preserved the site for the purpose of allowing the law enforcement to take a closer look.

The suicidal parent is hauled away via an ambulance that is dedicated to haul all of the suicidal individuals to the psych hospital. A 5150 is common!

A suicidal parent is placed into the ER, and set to stay at the psych hospital for 4 months The webmaster has updated the terms for their website to prevent users from using his/her site as a suicidal content hosting site. However; anti-suicide content is welcomed.

Spreads Via Free Versions Of WordPress Hosting

A Free Version of WordPress is common where many websites are connected together. The webmasters has implemented terms to prevent violent content from being published on their site, but it doesn’t have any sections that prevent suicidal bloggers from flooding their service with suicidal thoughts. If you were using a free version of this WordPress… watch out! Always avoid these sites at all costs, and report them immediately.

The good news is: They have this article about suicide or self-harm! I checked this article, but it needs more detail, and it needs an embedded video that will help others be aware of suicide or self-harm.

What You Should Do?

Always prevent suicidal content from being published by publishing a long TOS page that will explain people why you should stay alive, and help others prevent self-harm.

Create movies or videos and embed it on your website, and don’t forget to offer downloads for free, or paid downloads. Keep these important anti-suicidal content in the public domain,–unless what you are actually doing.

Try to keep suicidal webmasters out of your platform,–until they’re steered towards the anti-suicide community.

Update your site’s community guidelines, and expand the anti-suicide section, or create a dedicated page that goes with it. You may need to add more pages to make your guidelines as strong as possible. That applies to anti-suicide content, and your ability to keep your website safe.

If you are a parent, you may need to monitor your child’s blog/website, and report suicidal content. A psych hold is needed to prevent suicide from happening. Always have an emergency plan at all costs, and don’t forget to post anti-suicidal messages that will prevent suicide.

Say “NO” to the Blue Whale game or Blue Whale Challenge!

Say “NO” to the 13 Reasons Why Series! CNN has an article about it here.

Lock away all weapons, and other sharp objects.

Prevent Bullying At All Costs

You can go to stopbullying.gov to find out more about preventing bullies from harming your child at school or home. They also have an array of information available for your family and teachers. Thanks to new anti-bullying policies; a bully is subject to suspension, or being end up in prison.

To prevent bullying at school, or at home; punish the bully at all costs. If a big brother or big sister is involved; they must be punished for bullying. Sometimes they can play with knives, lighters, matches, and other dangerous objects. If you discovered your teenagers involved in neglect, bullying, or any other activities, punish them immediately. Never leave children who were susceptible to abuse by their own big brothers, or big sisters… They’re NOT babysitters! Always find a trusted adult who will watch over your teens. Relocate children who were susceptible to bullying by other family members, you must find a neighbor who will help, or find a teacher at school who will keep the child safe. If a child is bullied, NEVER allow a child to deal with a bully.

If a family member is involved in bullying anyone follow these steps:

  1. Assess what content what they’re been reading, watching, or listening,–if they have their own TV sets, stereo systems, or gaming machines. If you believe certain content is the blame. You can sue the creator, or company for allowing the bully to use this content. Maybe the bully didn’t see the message: “Don’t Try Anything What You See At Home”. Or if their content didn’t have this message.
  2. Use any of the parental controls, or a school-based firewall what you can specially order to block certain content what bullies can learn from.
  3. Remove electronic devices to limit the bully’s priviliges of going online, watching TV/Movies, or listening to certain music. Rap music containing content should be audited. Ask the radio operator to block certain content for a bully who is involved.
  4. If you have trouble keeping track what is happening at home; install cameras to keep track what is actually happening at home. You can catch the bully this way. Bullies do lie constantly.
  5. Lock away any weapons.

If a bully was playing with knives to threaten your child at home,–especially a big brother or sister who is threatening your younger son/daughter; its always a good idea to call emergency services, or use a non-emergency number to contact the police. Locking sharp objects in a safe is necessary. Or tether them to a point where a bully can’t use it to attack anyone outside the kitchen,–just like a prison!

If a bully in your family was playing with fire; be prepared to call emergency services,–if your home or any place where you live is set on fire by a bully who is trying to burn your little family members. If it ever happens, follow these steps:

  1. If you discovered a bully burning anyone, take a person to the hospital, and punish the bully.
  2. If the burning incident is serious, call emergency services. A bully may be arrested for arson. Arson is a serious crime!
  3. Always lock up these items that can generate flames.
  4. Educate your children about fire safety.
  5. You may need to find you a new home to live, or find a reputable hotel who will help.
  6. Keep younger children away from bullies.
  7. If you had a new house, be sure to implement serious fire protection.

Say “NO” to spanking!

Keep abuse away from families, and remove certain rules that are abusive, or refactor your entire family. You can watch certain vintage family movies that will change your family’s tradition. Removing spanking altegether is the enormous power to help prevent suicide in the future.

Never allow family members to boss any child around.

Your Children Are NOT Slaves… Rushing Causes Issues… And Certain Tasks And Cleaning Supplies Are NOT For Children Under Any Circumstances

Never force a child to do a task that is not right for them. If they have trouble cleaning up; help them, and DO NOT tell your child to “hurry up” under any circumstances. You have lots of time to live. If you rush; you will cause issues… such as: bad grades, issues with conduct, etc. Your children are not slaves. If you treat them as slaves, you are exploiting them, and putting them at risk. Since slavery is abolished since after the Civil War,–thanks to our past president, abraham Licon… he helped abolished slavery. Simply just enjoy your long life, and let these children live peacefully. In some cases, children can rely on classic TV shows to teach temselves how to clean up after themselves. Machines such as: dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, and other appliances are designed to reduce labor. If a child uses a dishwasher to wash dishes,–instead of doing it by hand, your child is NOT lazy! Never yell, scold, or be angry at your child when he/she uses any device to help clean up via these useful devices. These devices are designed to help us save time on our daily tasks.

To make it easier for your child to do tasks; be sure to posts tasks with instructions, but do not dictate which to use or not to use. For example; you wanted your child to do laundry tasks, teach your child how to do this task. If a child needs help, help this child. Do not hit, smack, flog, yell, swear, curse, verbally spank, verbally abuse, confine, or do any violent acts towards your child. Rushing your child can put stress to your child,–resulting to suicidal thoughts in the future.

Never allow your child to go near certain cleaning supplies that are toxic. Your child is NOT old enough to use these items. Forcing your child to use these supplies can put your child in danger, and you will be liable for abusing your child by using abusive schemes. Most chemicals has a message: “Keep out of reach of children”. That also include children under 12 or 18,–depending on governmental regulations of these cleaning supplies. Most cleaning supplies has instructions for any small or large emergencies. For this instance, if your child has accidentally swallowed cleaning supplies, or forced into your child’s mouth by an abuser, or bully, always contact emergency services, and punish a bully at all costs.

Running a vacuum sweeper instead of allowing your children to use brroms is an easy way to clean floors, brooms are going obsolete because, vacuum sweepers can clean with precision.

What’s been mentioned earlier, dishwashers are designed to make traditionally hand-washing dishes obsolete. And that’s the device’s intended use. If your child wants to run a dishwasher… let the child do it,–as long as you have it maintained by you, or a technician who will do it for you. Prevent harsh labor is important to make our lives easier. You heard of a story about a FairyTale character, Cinderella doing all of the tasks. With a dishwasher… it saves time.

Earning A Snack Is For Pets… NOT For Humans!

Never deprive your child’s right to eat something when taking a break from cleaning up, before bathing, or recovering from accidental breaking of items, etc. You will be liable for deprivation of food or water. Children should NEVER EVER be treated like this.

Dictatorship In Your Family Is Bad!

Dictatorship can lead to serious problems, such as: high levels of abuse, neglect, cruelty, animal cruelty, mistreat, maltreatment, deprivation, and more.

Verbal Abuse Is Bad!

Never swear at your child. Children don’t want to hear these words at all because, if you were doing this; you are being cruel to your child.

Never stick out a middle finger,–yelling “come here”! This is a bad practice because, you can put your own child in danger.

Other Preventions

If you wanted to prevent suicide from happening, you should NEVER EVER include spanking in your family. You should NEVER EVER include violence, confinement, or other factors under any circumstances. If you are NOT comfortable… seek assistance with your specialists who will help you erase spanking from your entire family.

Don’t give up on one try when raising children without violence.

Try to refer to your favorite movies what you grew with, if you missed out; see the recommended movies section below for recommended movies what I picked out.

Learn from children’s TV show what you grew up watching. For this instance “Arthur’s Big Hit” by Mark Brown. I learned a lesson from Arthur who was punished for hitting DW, her little sister. DW doesn’t deserve to be hit over a model plane what she accidentally broke, or intentionally broke. Thanks to Jane Read, she punished Arthur by removing Arthur’s TV priviliges. That’s one humane way of diciplining a child. I really felt bad for this character, DW because, she’s only little. However; people in the real world are hypocrites! This stupidity has been infecting our US-based children who condemned spanking, and corporal punishment as abuse. Other countries who took anti-spanking seriously has made spanking illegal,–for good. This powerful effort may reduce suicide too.

If you succeed, you are done! And out the window goes the whip for spanking cultures/societies.

Let the child keep trying to get their grades up,–until he/she succeed!

Never dictate what a child should do or not to do. Schools help children learn something new… you as a parent should focus on how children learned something new. Discuss a topic about they’ve just learned. Let them do the same experience that takes place at school. City-based safety rules for crossing the street should be a priority. If a child goes to a store to buy something, and crosses the street to reach home; do not hit, or yell at your child. If your child is hurt when crossing the street, always contact emergency services. Emergency services help people who need help. A parent should stay calm when a child is hurt.

Do NOT punish children by placing in corners, restraining them on certain furniture witha “don’t move” order, depriving food or water, confine in rooms, tie them with any objects, hit children with objects, or any body parts, use your middle finger to tell children to “come here”, or do any other violent threats. In some countries; they’re illegal, and within some religions… its also illegal.

Never be mad at your child when the child tries to get his/her grades up! Let them keep on trying, until they succeed. Hitting a child induces violent threats, and suicidal thoughts in the future. If your child has reported you as abusive, you will be tracked, arrested, prosecuted, and taken to prison. That can also lead you to a loss of a custody, contact, or parental priviliges when rasing your child. If you have trouble, DO NOT be suicidal either, if you are suicidal… off to the psych hospital you go,–just like that.

If you care about your child because, you condemned spanking as cruelty… and you wanted to reward your child something special. You can drop in any coin that will indicate your child’s grades going up. If your child isn’t getting the grades going up… DO NOT spank! Like what we mentioned earlier in this article, think about Arthur who has his TV priviliges revoked. Sometimes a child may ask for help with their tasks, or get help with behaving properly. If a child has trouble with behaving properly; a specialist may need to figure out what’s happening. If your child behaves properly, try to make a graph, and keep data of your child’s behaving results. You can use a word-editing program, or a graphing program to make graphs. Or ask his/her teacher to make one for you. If your child has behaved with an excellent report; you can drop in with a set of 5 pennies,–if you care about keeping your family financially stable. This is useful if you wanted to start off with something small. Don’t leave the coin jar exposed on a table, hide it. If behaving good continues each day, you can add each 5 pennies on each day. Twenty days with 5 pennies equals a dollar. If 30 days in a row, and no bad report cards, you can add quarters. For example; 1 quarter each day equals $5. If a whole school quarter is sucessful without any bad reports; your child is behaving good. You can set TV time for your child. If a child skips TV time because homework is needed to be done, you can delay it. Sometimes a child has no time for TV because, a child may write books, or do art after homework. If a child skips TV time each day up to 4 weeks in the row… your TV will able to be used later on. If have a good behavior continues,–until last day of school, you can reward your child some extra spending money. The table below shows you an example if behavior levels goes up or down:

Behavior Level Coins Received Total
Excellent Behavior
  • Yes
  • $0.05 (starting amount)
  • $0.10 (Level 1)
  • $0.25 (Level 2)
  • $0.50 (Level 3)
  • $1 (Advanced w/ optional TV time)
  • Average
  • Yes
  • $0.05 (Starting amount)
  • $0.10 (Level 1)
  • $0.25 (Level 2)
  • $0.50 Level 3 w/ limited TV time… time adds when time is not used,–determined by a child. If reaches over 4 weeks; limit points may need to be applied.)
  • <$0.75 (Advanced w/ option to request a custom meal)
  • Good
  • Yes
  • $0.75
  • Fair
  • Yes
  • $0.50 or $0.75
  • Needs Improvement… Please DO NOT spank or confine this child. Specialist for Behavior Disorder Check Needed
  • Determined by parent
  • $0.05 or $0.10
  • Terrible – Check For Behavior Disorder or Get help with behavior issues DO NOT spank or confine this child, but limit privilages X

    No amount determined by parent.

    This is useful if you wanted to help cut suicidalthoughts,–if your child has behavior issues. Foster children are the most children who have behavior issues on the face of the planet.

    If successful when a child is changed over. You are done!

    Abuse Can’t Be Stopped At All… And Your Parents Are To Blame Never Forgive An Abuser At All!

    If you were been abused, and you don’t want to be suicidal, leave an abusive home immediately, or call emergency services, or a hotline that will help you.

    Do NOT serve your punishment,–issued by your abusive parent/guardian, run immediately. Be sure to take shelter that is available, or find a place that will help you out. Together we can all put an end to spanking that is classified as abuse!

    Don’t give up on 1 try, bring all of the activities to light as you can! You had the right to bring abuse to light. You have a secret weapon. Always stay alive, don’t be suicidal. Getting these legal loopholes to be closed is the right way to prevent parents from regaining contact of their children. That applies to abusive parents.

    Try moving to a different country where spanking is illegal.

    If you made a wish; wait for your wishes to fully take effect. But be careful what you wish for.

    If you were successfully been removed from abusive parents, and you abandon your punishment what you claimed as abusive, try to stop the abuser from making excuses,–until the professional declines your parents’ excuses. Apply as much hard pressure as you can. Keep speaking up,–until action is taken. If they listened to you, and they abruptly started taking action; you are most likely to be removed from the abusive home, and taken out of the cruel punishment, and set free.

    Sometimes, a counselor’s order may be issue, and it will last for a lifetime,–until your family is fully changed.

    Run For Governmental Office To Prevent Spanking And Other Abuse

    Ask your government to implement anti-spanking laws at all costs, suicidal thoughts were the caused,–after the child is spanked, or abused, or both.

    If you wanted to run as a governor for your town/state; you may need to take considerations before you do so. If you ever put an end to spanking,–a common cause of suicide… you can make a difference.

    Lock up household objects that were used for spanking children, and force a parent who was involved in cruelty to seize spanking from his/her family, or become a governor of your favorite state, and ban spanking altogether, if you did this, you can save children from cruelty by 100%. Or if you wanted to add more anti-spanking pressure, become a president, and implement an anti-spanking executive order. That will save millions of children each day, and that will make it an official crime to spank a child. Children have rights too.

    If you suspected spanking has caused you to have thoughts of suicide, find a teacher, or an adult what you trust who will help you. Your parents will be held accountable for cruelty, you had an option to be removed from your family, and be placed into a different family via foster care, or adoption. Ask for a reputable “spank-free” family who will care for you. Don’t let your xenophobic parents prevent you from running away, keep applying lots of presure,–until you succeed! If you succeed, you are done, and prepare for some changes. You may need to go to therapy, and have a therapy animal issued to you, If you were getting a therapy animal issued to you; you may need to have a background check for possible signs of animal cruelty charges. If you have a clean record… you may have a therapy animal issued to you. You can choose to have a therapy mouse, a therapy rat, a therapy rabbit, a therapy duck, therapy goat, therapy pig, therapy cat, therapy dog, therapy chicken, therapy cattle, therapy sheep, a therapy snake, or any therapy animal of choice.

    Movies What I Recommend

    Even movies that features children being treated humanely can teach you a lesson. Like my favorite Mary Poppins via audio soundtracks CD, or a movie what you can buy here! Don’t give up on 1 try, keep trying and trying,–until you succeed. If you can do it… you are pushing your way to stop violence in families.

    CC BY-SA 4.0 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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