Strategic Suspending Of User Accounts On Your Website Or Monetization Programs

You heard of Blogger wrongfully deleting legitimate blogs as spam,–when affiliate links were used properly… YouTube wrongfully/illegally terminating user accounts who were just respecting the community of YouTube itself… Google AdSense unlawfully terminating their accounts… and other big hosting providers who offer services for free on the internet. Some of these companies were just neglecting customers who had concerns,–regarding monetization, content ownership, blog ownership, etc. Most of these companies hasn’t strategically find which user on their website is involved in violations, but many of these users who were just legitimate users who were respecting the terms has experienced neglectful practices. According to the FTC… if I can get my calculation correct; many businesses were NOT following business laws around the USA, or other countries. And some users has started to find a different host to host their content, and monetize their content with a freedom of monetization.

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WordPress Multisite Users & The Fallen Webmasters

However; you are a user of a multisite ran by this person for many years,–at the age of 40 or higher… at this case, you are about to report a problem with your website because, you suspected there’s a powerful infection that is causing your website to be copyrighted by anyone else,–known as copyfraud schemes. This is common for some people who care about creating something new. You relied on many of these ad networks, but a recent ad crisis has been causing some issues with some people who wanted to monetize content on their websites.

Although; you didn’t get a response because, the webmaster is not doing his/her job, or may be the webmaster is asleep. This is common for some deceptive webmasters, but they’re NOT deceptive at all! In fact, the webmaster has fallen, and he/she can’t get back up. If you are not sure what’s going on at the workings of the website. That means, someone may be in the hospital,–after a fall in a cellar, or any parts of a home.

Somehow, some webmasters got into trouble by laws in some countries, but we’re NOT supporting Sharia laws because, Sharia laws are the top infringers on the face of the planet. However; some webmasters has been end up behind bars for some criminal acts that are most likely to be the issue what you as a site user has experienced.

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Blind Draft2Digital Users Who Use Android TalkBack Screen-reader Still Experience Same Problems Like Chromevox

I experimented on a screen-reader on my Android phone, TalkBack. I logged into my Draft2Digital account to navigate around the interface, such as “Advanced Settings” and varify if these controls are accessible. But I discovered something that is NOT right! Like Chromevox, this screen-reader can’t locate checkboxes because, these elements on Draft2Digital’s website itself isn’t designed to be screen-reader accessible.

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Austin Jones Is A Pedophile? Yes He Is In My Opinion!

Friends, internet neighbors, and internet users… Austin Jones has been arrested since days ago! What Austin just did has really caused him to be behind bars, and be banned from the internet,–until his trial. However; he’s facing prison time,–if he’s convicted. If he was convicted of his crime, he has to register as a sex offender, and be banned from using any social networking services. Sure glad I don’t support his YouTube channel because, supporting a pedophile is a bad thing.

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Strategic Policy Making & the Arrest Of Austin Jones The Musician

Days ago; I stumbled upon a news about Austin Jones… a YouTube star has been arrested for producing child pornography, and he was sent to jail. Many of our internet neighbors has been shocked when this online celeb has been involved in a scandal that was brought to light. YouTube has failed to prevent Austin Jones from sending messages to these minors online. His message contains material that puts children at risk of sexual exploitation. YouTube,–owned by Google has failed to report Austin to the law enforcement like they should,–after complaints has been filed by flagging videos.

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