Blind Webmasters and the Attack of the Sex Offenders

Up to a year or so; I’ve been working with my website since I moved from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress. I’ve been studying some sites that are ran by sex offenders in the USA, and other countries. Well, I don’t allow sex offenders to use my site under any circumstances because, my goal is to keep my visitors safe. However, many sex offenders has been fighting against these laws and regulations that prevent them from using social networking sites… such as Facebook, and other sites. That also caused them to be banned from certain blogging platforms. I do support laws that will prevent sex offenders from using any social networks where children are present.

The Problem You May Encounter If You Are Blind

The moment you’re about to launch, or promote your website… sex offenders begin to pour in, and you’re NOT able to get help with other people online. And you don’t have any special resources to keep you and your site safe, and complying with any regulations to keep sex offenders out. Common problems are expensive subscriptions that can affect people who were unbanked, or underbanked. Some of these soaring prices of these expensive subscriptions can lead you to less money in your banking account, or worse. Expensive memberships can be daunting, and too difficult to manage. And some of these databases are NOT friendly for the blind at all!


If you received a complaint from a parent who is trying to report a problem with a sex offender, and you were trying to keep any of these illegal sexual images out of your site, and you have trouble getting them deleted as you expect to delete… you may be susceptible to liabilities, and other legal issues. This is kind of an issue if you were a disabled person who is blind. There’s no such law that will help blind webmasters easily report sexual predators to authorities quickly, nor a law that will protect blind webmasters who were afraid of sex predators using their website.

Proprietary software isn’t a good choice for blind webmasters because, spying bugs, and other hidden malware can harm their site like an abused citizen. This is kind of like an issue you may encounter when you were dealing with sex predators from other countries. Most sex predators come from Islamic culture, Islamic terrorists, and other culture condemned by most human rights activists around the world.

What You Should Do

Thanks to Facebook’s TOS… sex offenders should not use Facebook in any other way. You can do the same with your website by banning all sex predators from creating an account on your website. If you were having trouble with your site, contact your web-hosting company for assistance, or create a petition to enable blind webmasters to get protection against these nitorius sex predators.

Research TOS pages that state why sex predators should NOT sign up on your website.

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