[FAQ] My Text-Adventure Game On My Website Disappeared On GreenGeeks… What Should I Do?

Although; many text-adventure game developers has experienced this problem when they host their text-based games. This is a problem what many developers may experience when creating text-based games.

You Haven’t Uploaded Your Game Properly

In order for your game to be uploaded properly, you must use an FTP client on your desktop or laptop PC. If you were using Ubuntu, connect to your server, If you were using your Windows PC, find a program that is available to download, or use any open-source FTP client. Unfortunately, I don’t use an Apple Macintosh because, I don’t own a Macintosh computer in my area, if you want to get more info about connecting to server via a Macintosh computer; check withApple for details. If you were using an Android device, find an app “Turbo Client” via Google Play, and install it to your device. Also if you have questions about posting a game on your website, read this post to find out more.

To Upload Your Text-Based Game

Always upload your text-based game’s folder to your server with a whole format. If you were using a zip archive to quickly upload your text-based game, extract it inside your server.

Test your text-based game by visiting a webpage via a folder what you’ve just uploaded.

If your text-based game is visible, your game is uploaded properly. If not; you don’t have an index html file to display your content.

If Your TextBased Game Has Disappeared

There are some reasons why your text-based game has disappeared, this is the following list that will explain why your game has disappeared:

1: Your Game Contains Content That Condones Violence… Such As Spanking A Child For NOT Listening

Religion doesn’t make you immuned to having your text-based game removed from GreenGeeks’s servers. This is their policy to keep violence from being posted on their servers. If you were a game developer who has this content inside this text-based game, and someone has reported a problem with a text-adventure game… your content may be reviewed, and your content will be removed. This kind of a policy what GreenGeeks enforce is necessary to keep their hosting platform safe. If you were a person who has your text-based game removed, and you were lucky to have a backup; you may need to host it with the another company, or host your game with your own server what you currently have at your home, and you must host your domain via a third party provider. If you were a person who is trying to find a host who allow this content; you are in bad luck, and your content can’t be reposted.

If your text-based game condones bullying, your content may be flagged for violent content. Well there was a game called, Bully, and I was familiar with this game. Even you have text-based games that discourage bullying… you must post a disclaimer when a player starts playing a game.

If your text-based game condones sex trafficking and other abuse of children; your text-based game may be removed, and it may result to law enforcement arriving at your home. Sex crimes are serious. Even your game is targeted towards adults who wanted to lay this game. However; this text-based game what you’ve published yourself must not contain this kind of content.

2: Your text-Based Game Contains Pornography

If your text-adventure game contains pornography, your content may be removed from your servers. This is a problem for game developers who only target games towards adults,–even if you have payment mechanisms implemented with your code that is designed to lock away adult content with paying members. Unfortunately, most payment platforms don’t allow pornographic content to be sold because, they don’t support this kind of this content. Most pornographic celebrities often avoid these platforms that prohibited sales of pornographies, instead… they find private payment platforms, or private entities who will set a payment mechanism for them. Proprietary platforms what they rely on may be difficult to find for dedicated companies who support porgraphic content. Although; many people who posted pornographic content has asked these questions, even erotic writers has experienced this difficulty too!

If you were trying to host your adult text-based games on their servers, don’t put too much of it, soften up instead. You can make a game that completes a level that requires a person to take an alternative option like saving a woman from being raped by bad guys.

3: Your Game Must’ve Encouraged Suicide

If your game has encouraged suicide; your game must’ve disappeared. GreenGeeks take suicide very seriously, you can also prevent a game developer from making these games. If you were a making a survival game, and you were encouraging a characters to survive, and live… be cautious when writing this kind of content. However; suicidal thoughts in games can trigger someone to think about suicide. Preventing suicide is necessary to keep our lives intact. Thinking about death is always avoided. Also, you should never post a game that encourage self-harm or suicide on their servers. However; If you were a company who host services for your customers, you must take actions if game developer posts this kind of content. Prevent this kind of content from being posted is necessary to keep your servers from being infected with dangerous games like this.

If you were a person who is writing a text-based game that discourage suicidal thoughts; you must post a disclaimer, and a link to a website to prevent suicide, and provide a phone number to a hotline to a service to help people who has suicidal thoughts. You can also place links to psychiatric hospitals to refer some to these facilities to prevent suicide from coming.

If you were writing a text-based game that is a sad story, use a secon-person or third-person format of this game as a way to make it easier for a person to do all of a survival strategy to stay alive. Although; some text-adventure games have sad stories. That usually happens when a character in a game sacrifices his/her life. Most of these games have sad stories.

If you were making a first-person game, and you were saving a person; provide a disclaimer at the beginning of this game.

Although; malicious game developers who make games that lead to suicide has been fighting to get their content back, and they were attempting to sue a hosting provider for taking down content when enforcing their policies. Sometimes policies are laundered to inhibit users’ ability to post content freely.

4: Your Text-Based Games Has References To Firearms/Guns

Well, that applies to text-based games that don’t have disclaimers, and content that condones gun violence. In common, gun culture in embedded in most games. And it’s been hardwired to some parts of our globe. OO7 is a known shooting game what we know for generations after it was released on Nintendo 64. However; if your game contains a mission to kill off zombies as a way to prevent zombie attacks… you must add a clear description of your game with a disclaimer. Although; the NRA is a known gun rights advocate who protect gun owners who had rights to own a gun. Typically, these weapons are often used by people who cause mass shootings in some regions around the world. Gun safety is key for our safety of our citizens of the USA, or any nation. Japan has the most strict gun laws on the face of the planet, and they don’t allow you to own guns in Japan,–unless you use them for hunting, or if you were a police officer who is designated to use these weapons. Unfortunately, gun rights communities were upset of this policy because, they almost have no gun violence at this nation!

And speaking about gun violence, there was a story about Nickolas Cruz who is arrested for shooting up this school, and I won’t forget a critical event what he caused… he does deserve to go to prison. Guns and firearms don’t belong at school. Although; he is end up in jail after that, and that’s what does his looks like in jail. Okay, if you don’t know who this guy is, he was a student who was expelled from school, and he carried a gun to that school, and shot these people… I felt bad for these victims of gun violence, and people wanted this person who has used a gun to terrorize this school to be executed, but many advocates has pushed to abolish execution altogether. Well, I don’t support gun villains, like this guy because, condoning gun violence is a bad thing to do. Unfortunately, Fairies Dreams & Fantasy will NOT stand by Nickolas Cruz because, my website will never support gun rights communities of any kind, nor NRA.

5: Your Text-Based Game May Contain Content That Is Infected With Malware

Although; if you were using an infected PC; you are most likely to transmit malware to your servers. If you were concerned with this issue, always use a Linux machine as an alternative to Windows. If you were using Windows as your secondary driver, be sure to check if you were running a legitimate version of Windows, if not; go to Microsoft’s official website to purchase and download a legitimate copy, and reinstall it to your PC.

Someone has hacked your server, if this is the case; contact GreenGeeks for assistance, always change passwords on a regular basis as a way to protect your servers for years to come. If you were using your PC daily to publish content; always run a full scan on your computer, and use firewalls as a way to protect your PC and your network.

Malvertising is a known issue; advertisers often use malware to cause harm to your computer, and rob your data like bad guys on the internet. You should always be careful when monetizing your text-based games as you enable players to play your games for free.

6: Your Content May Contain Content That Belongs To Someone Else

Be extremely careful when you ask someone to use their copyrighted works in your text-based game. Some copyright owners are malicious too! Most copyright owners don’t do this, but don’t use their content without their permission, when asking for permission, you may need to pay for reuse of their work, and get licensing agreements when reusing. Always reuse copyrighted content from any copyright owner who you trust! If in doubt; speak to your expert for advice, and guidence. Copyfraud is a known issue for many people who create their own work independently.

Avoid posting links to pirated content, and other torrent sites. Instead; use affiliate links in ad zones instead. If you believe ads are displaying pirated content; let the ad network do the rest of the work for you, or report a problem with an ad with your ad provider of choice.

Be careful with royalty-free content sources. Always use royalty-free content from sources that you trust. Check with a provider for any documentation of using royalty-free content.

7: Your Text-Based Game Isn’t Uploaded

If you were developing your game offline, upload your entire game to your server.

Most likely you uploaded to a wrong folder. Try moving your game to a folder that is visible to the public internet.

Your folder is hidden. Your folder must be Visible.

8: Your Website May Be Down

If this the case; check if your hosting provider is experiencing difficulties with their servers. Power failure is a known issue. You may need to let the experts fix this problem.

9: Your Text-Based Game Has Blank Pages

Try updating your pages, and republish your work.

Try editing your CSS for your content displayed on your website.

Adjust your text to a larger size.

10: Your Text-Based Game Has No Files

A folder with your text-based has no files, your folder need files to work. You must create files yourself. Don’t assume your files will appear after uploading your folder for your game.

What You Should Do

Always think twice before you post your text-based game.

Don’t copy off other people who had their text-based games removed from GreenGeeks’s servers.

Review policies before posting your content. Ask questions first. If you do research when getting ready to use a hosting platform, be careful when posting.

Okay, these are common reasons why your text-based game has disappeared. If you want to prevent this, be very careful when posting your text-based games. Your hosting provider is providing you service as a privilege for hosting your content. However; they do support your right to post your content with freedom. Always check their policies on a yearly basis. If you were a conservative text-based game developer who is always careful, be sure to monitor your content on a regular basis. Try to be as original as possible by creating unique content.

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